‘D&D’ Actual Play | The Star Engine | Episode 5

Dungeons & Dragons? D&D 5th Edition? DnD 5e? Call it what you want – It’s nerds with dice.

D&D Actual Play | GeekDad.com presents DieRolling: The Star Engine | Episode 5

The Star Engine: Episode 5

Standing atop the scorched Bál Mountain, face to face with the gargantuan white-faced man, Malken has but a few moments to ready himself for the fight of his life, his friend Nolus’ life is the prize.

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Jack Boyles: Jack is the creative and technical lead behind DieRolling and the writer of ‘The Star Engine’. Jack is a videographer, marketer, tabletop gamer, drummer, and married father of two future dungeon masters!
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