Mobvoi Goes Solo With The TicWatch Pro 4G LTE

I love my TicWatch Pro. The ability to flip between LCD-powered Essential Mode and Smart Mode gives it the best battery life of any smartwatch I’ve ever tested. The only possible thing that could make it better would be LTE.

Oh hey, look at this!

Mobvoi’s photographers are kinda great. Source; Mobvoi

Mobvoi is officially announcing the second generation of the TicWatch Pro, the Pro 4G LTE. They’ve partnered with Verizon and you’ll be able to buy direct from Mobovi or from Amazon. From July 10th through August 10th, you’ll be able to get the Pro 4G LTE for only $279.

After that, the price goes up to $299. For that price, you get more than just wireless service. How do I know? Because I’ve been using the new watch for two weeks now.

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I, however, do not take as good a photo. Also, my arm is so hairy

The Pro 4G LTE is lighter than the original Pro by 11 grams. The black steel bezel looks nice and differentiates from the original. They’ve updated TicMotion, their fitness tracker, to log workouts without needing to manually start them off.

They’ve also updated TicPulse to monitor your heart even when the phone is in Essential Mode. It can be used in a pool, which means it can also survive a sudden shower. And the system now has a full 1 GB RAM and there’s NFC onboard.

I haven’t had a chance to fully test the LTE service; once I do, there will be a follow-up review. I want to know if it’s good enough to leave my phone at home.

For right now I can already tell you that the TicWatch Pro 4G LTE is a superior watch to the original, and the current pricing makes it a great buy.

Note; Mobvoi supplied me with a review unit of the TicWatch Pro 4g LTE

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