Quick Hits: 123 Andrés Teaches Alphabet, New Little Miss Ann Video

Nobody remembers the first time they heard the “Alphabet Song,” but everybody knows it. It’s just ingrained in world culture, something that transcends language barriers. 123 Andrés, comprised of the husband-wife team of Andrés Salguero and Christina Sanabria, don’t cover the Alphabet Song on their new CD, Canta Las Letras, but it’s not really missed.

“Canta Las Letras” from 123 Andres

Crafted as a musical learning tool for children to learn letters and letter sounds in Spanish, Canta Las Letras focuses on cheerful rhythms and melodies. The CD resulted from the partnership between 123 Andrés and curriculum designer Benchmark Education Company. The songs and their accompanying videos will be used in dual-language classrooms across the country this fall. So prepare yourself for more than a little repetition, as the 26 basic tracks all start the same way. “Hola Christina….” “Hola, Andrés…”

The 38 tracks (yes, 38 Spanish tracks) teach each individual letter, soft and hard letter sounds (C and G) as well as diagraphs and consonant blends. For basic reading and instructional purposes, 123 Andrés are right there to provide a friendly, comfortable lesson plan. As opposed to some other recent kid’s music from Nathalia and Alina Celeste, CANTA LAS LETRAS is not really a bilingual release – this hour-plus of music and alphabet is strictly Spanish, so plan accordingly.

Canta Las Letras is available from 123Andrés’ websiteSpotifyApple Music, and Amazon.

Little Miss Ann (and friend Amy D) are back with a new video for “The Senses Song,” which teaches children about each of the five senses (as well as some alphabet letters that correspond to each sense):

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I hear, I hear with my ears.

So many things to hear, start with the letter M

Like music and mama’s boys, mockingbirds and melodies

Come listen with me.

It’s been a few years since the last Little Miss Ann CD, and this track may be a hint of things to come. “The Senses Song” was guided by the steady hand of über-producer Dean Jones, so you’re guaranteed good sound quality.

Here is the video for Little Miss Ann and Amy D’s “The Senses Song”:

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