′Masters of Comics′ is Truly a Great Giveable Book

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If you have a passionate comic artist in your family or small circle of friends, this is the book for them.

‘Master of Comics: Inside the Studios of the World’s Premier Graphic Storytellers’, written by: Joel Meadows; foreword by Mark Verheiden

Masters’ studios are a bit of a thing. Whenever we get new comic book artists visiting town, they all want to check out Al-Azar′s place of work. They whisper about the exciting paraphernalia, posters, and just general layout of the place, and then they exchange bits and pieces about their own work and how they set up their day-to-day schedule.

Now, you can peep inside some of the best known comic artists working today, in a beautiful coffee-table sized book that is ideal for browsing. Creative spaces and processes are fun to observe, especially when you might pick up a tip or two from people working in the industry: be it Eduardo Risso, Milo Manara, Yuko Shimizu or Frank Cho, to name a few; this book is full of wonderful visuals and insights about each artist′s work and daily routine.

With the interviews, the thing that stuck the most with me is that the work itself is not an easy one. It requires countless hours of sitting down and just drawing, it also requires a ton of visual references, and sometimes, when you need to juggle family and work life, it can be pretty challenging. As Frank Cho describes it:

“The key is to be with someone who understands that as an artist you′re most likely terrible at time management, but they still want you in their life”.

Being a full-time artist requires dedication, and the results are wonderful pieces of art, not just comic spreads or covers. A lot of thought and effort comes into each page and layout, and as a profession this graphic storytellers deserve all the respect for their constant effort and commitment.

′Master of Comics: Inside the Studios of the World′s Premier Graphic Storytellers′ is on sale since the 4th of June, 2019.

Published by: Insight Comics
ISBN: 978-1-68383-069-6
Price: $24.99
Format: Hard Cover,
Release Date: 4th of June, 2019.

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