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We Are Entertained: ‘Someone Great’

It’s the last week of March Movie Madness! Could this get more exciting? Captain America: Civil War vs Wonder Woman. Marvel vs DC, man vs woman, indestructible shield vs irresistible lasso, dorky-goody-two-shoes hero vs goddess-like heroine: you get the picture. For our final matchup we’re taking it up a notch—everyone who casts a vote will also be entered to win a Steam Link courtesy of the We Are Entertained podcast! One lucky listener will be announced along with the victor of March Movie Madness on our Avengers: Endgame episode. Make sure you don’t miss it. Get your votes in now!

It’s also our Monthly Streaming Original Episode wherein we take a break from the theater and focus the show on a stinker an original film from one of the popular streaming services. So far we haven’t had great luck finding diamonds in the rough, but we shall soldier on! This month we’ll be talking about Someone Great, an ultra-fresh romcom flush with incredible talent. Tune in and hear what we thought!

The show starts off this week with an update from our Unofficial Official News Correspondent where we discuss Netflix’s decision to add the ability to shuffle episodes, the Academy’s somewhat controversial decision regarding Oscar eligibility, and Disney’s decision to cut several Fox films following their 71.3 billion dollar acquisition earlier this year.

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Chris surprises Matt by coming up with a film he’s never heard of to discuss, Donald Glover’s Guava Island. Perhaps the most surprising part of the entire conversation that follows is that Chris has heard of Coachella. Go figure. Matt sparks a fascinating (we promise) conversation about Sissy Spacek as he shares his thoughts on The Old Man & the Gun. We won’t keep you in suspense on these two; we loved them and highly recommend them to all our listeners. Let us know if you agree!

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