Come Play at Stumptown Game Summit!

In May, a new tabletop gaming convention will be coming to Portland, Oregon! Stumptown Game Summit is organized by some of the same folks who put together the Granite Game Summit, which has been running for about three years in Nashua, New Hampshire. Since it’s the first year out here on the west coast, it will be a single day event, from 8am to midnight, at the Holiday Inn near the Portland airport.

Tickets are $25 for the day (register here), and it’s free for kids 9 and under (though they’ll have to be accompanied by an adult), and it’s all about playing games. There’s no vendor hall and ballrooms full of booths, just a Designer Alley where some game designers can show off their latest projects, lots of tables, and lots of games. And I should know: I’ve been invited to be a guest at SGS, and I’ll be providing a big chunk of my own game library for the day. So if you’ve read one of my reviews and you really want a chance to try out a game, this will be a fun opportunity!

For more information, visit the Stumptown Game Summit website. And if you decide to attend, let me know—I’d love to play a game with you!

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Jonathan H. Liu: Jonathan H. Liu is a stay-at-home dad in Portland, Oregon, who loves to read, is always up for a board game, and has a bit of a Kickstarter habit. I can be reached at jonathan at geekdad dot com.
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