Celebrate International Women’s Day with ‘She-Ra’!

Today is International Women’s Day, and the team behind She-Ra and the Princesses of Power have a message for you!

My family has been watching the show on Netflix, and we’ve really enjoyed it: it has a racially diverse, mostly female cast, and great messages about friendship and strength, plus a shining example of non-toxic masculinity. Plus, it’s just fun to watch! Here’s a video from some of the creators and voices behind the show:

There’s also a resource kit that you can download, and it’s not just some coloring sheets. There’s a discussion guide to prompt some conversation with your kids after watching this video clip; a cup-stacking activity (okay, that one’s a bit silly to me); a My Hero Book that includes profiles of several of the characters in the show and some questions to help kids think about what being a hero means to them; and, finally, a mini role-playing game set in the world of Etheria.

Click here or on the image to download the resource kit!

For more about International Women’s Day and this year’s theme, #BalanceForBetter, visit the official website!


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