Unboxing Captain Marvel

I am so hyped for Captain Marvel  to hit screens that I bought myself a ticket to sneak out and see it between the time I drop my kids off for school and pick them up on the day of the release. So imagine how excited I was when this #PagingCaptainMarvel box showed up at my door!

I had seen a few promo shots of some of the toys, but I am so excited for all of these – for myself and my kids!

The contents of the box included:

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The Legends figures feature the expected high level of detail and articulation, and 3 of these figures (Fury, Talos, and Yon-Rogg) include Build-a-Figure parts. I’m very glad to add Captain Marvel and Nick Fury to my collection especially as I am always keen to prominently hang and display my figures that show diversity and representation for my kids. I also love that Fury comes with a shackled Goose (AKA Chewie) as a foreshadowing to just how dangerous Goose is (maybe that’s how Fury lost the eye?)

The Super Hero Dolls are very similar to the Star Wars Forces of Destiny and the Marvel Rising line. They are all 11.- inch dolls that are super poseable, have actual hair, and removable/changeable accessories. I’m not sure which of these 3 are my favorite. I really love the Starforce costume, but I also love the jacket over the costume with Goose Captain Marvel as well. Both of these feature costumes entirely made of cloth. The FX version, however, is all molded plastic but both her chest, fists, and head light up!

Lastly, as a cosplayer and costume and prop designer and builder, my kids are constantly surrounded by and in costumes. They love super hero role play toys and the Captain Marvel Photon glove is a welcome addition. Now they get to fight over who gets the Photon Glove and who gets the Shuri Gauntlet.

Are you hyped for Captain Marvel?

Note: While I received the toys box from Hasbro, all thoughts and opinions above are my own.

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