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Playmobil Playroom: Country Barn with Silo

Welcome to the Playmobil Playroom, where we take a monthly peek inside those impressive blue boxes and see what treasures await within. Sometimes we’ll have step-by-step photos walking you through assembly, maybe we’ll discuss and review a particular set or theme, or maybe we’ll have an unboxing video.

The Playmobil Country Barn with Silo is the biggest playset we’ve gotten our hands on, and the kids were very excited!

Here’s their first impression and unboxing of the set!

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  • Product Number: 9315
  • Number of Pieces: 215
  • Number of figures: 2 — 2 farmers – one male and one female.
  • Extras required: None!

Ease of Build:

On a scale of 1-5, this set is a 5. The main reason for the 5 is because of the number of little connectors required to be places into all of the walls. Even using the little tool, I had a really hard time getting them all in. However, once all of the connectors were in, my son was able to put everything together himself.

Coolest Features:

  • The kids really love the loft and window perches for the small animals
  • The flat patches of hay that the pitchfork can stick into.
  • The grain silo with working chute.


With a lot of animals, accessories, and features of the barn, there is a ton of playability here. This is also the largest standalone set we’ve gotten our hands on which means that its a lot easier for my son and daughter to play with it together which is a huge bonus!

One slightly weird thing to me is that the grain silo has a shoot but, as my son figured out, the only thing that fits down the shoot are the baby chicks.

While this wasn’t a cause for concern for him, I couldn’t help but think of videos I’ve seen of baby chicks being…disposed of. Thankfully neither of my kids made that connection. It’s a fun baby chick playground to them 😀

(Disclosure: This Playmobil set was provided free of charge for review purposes. All opinions remain our own.)

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