LionForge to Continue Voltron Comics But Will Not Deviate From the Television Ending – UPDATED!

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UPDATE: After this article was posted, LionForge sent us the following statement:

“While we do plan to continue our Voltron Legendary Defender comics in a fourth volume, we do not yet have a final release date or story direction to confirm. We can assure fans that we will, as we have always done, work closely with our partners at Dreamworks to deliver the highest quality and most authentic Voltron comic book experience possible.”

The original story is below.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Andrew Gaska, the editor of the Voltron series for LionForge, and he shared some exciting news for Voltron fans: the Voltron comics will continue, at a minimum, through volume four. In our interview, he teased the new issue:

Honerva has summoned immense amounts of quintessence and has disappeared. All of reality—make that all realities—are at stake. Blaming herself for letting Honerva go, Allura is determined to find her. The stage is set.

While the first three volumes of the comics have taken place within earlier seasons of the DreamWorks television series, the Gaska told me the next volume will take place in final season, and will feature both the Atlas and Voltron teams. He was eager to discuss the new issue and commented to me, “I’m very excited about the story Mitch [Iverson] has come up with, and I’m having a lot of fun developing it with him.”

He explained, “in volume four of our comic series, both the Voltron and Atlas teams are searching for Honerva when they have an encounter with a mysterious black hole that is somehow ejecting strange energies into the cosmos. When those energies begin to coalesce as horrific monsters, the Voltron and Atlas teams have to learn to work together or risk losing everything.”

Gaska also confirmed that the comics, if they continue beyond volume four, will not diverge from the show’s controversial final ending, in what will likely be a blow to queer and other minority fans.

Voltron’s last season received a mere 8% audience approval on Rotten Tomatoes and has been harshly criticized for its marginalizing depiction of queerness (including forcing the sole gay hero into early retirement) and its decision to kill off the only leading woman of color to generate drama.

For many fans, the comics were their last hope for a better ending for their representation.

Gaska said they will not create an alternate continuity, as required by their license and relationship with DreamWorks. He did stress that, if the comics continued past the end of the show, they planned to explore new events based on what happened in the final season. He promised, “if we do move forward, I’ve got some more surprises in store for the fans.”

Voltron Volume 4 Cover by LionForge Comics

LionForge will release volume four of Voltron this Summer. The volume will be written by Mitch Iverson, with art by Rubine and Beni Lobel, and edited by Andrew Gaska.

What do you want to see explored in the Voltron comics? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Interesting that the article writer thinks Shiro is marginalized as a queer character by retiring from his job, but there's no mention that he's the only character allowed to eventually find a romantic partner and get a happy marriage ending. Sadly this just sounds like more soup grapes from the notoriously badly-behaved shipping portion of the fandom, but I'm glad the comics are continuing and would love to see some post-finale adventures in the future as well. I'm especially excited that we will get to see more of the Atlas crew because they are a fantastic cast of side characters.

    • If it were just sour shipping grapes then nonshippers and people who hated the primary ship Shiro was a part of would be thrilled. Instead the subpar quality of the final season on every single front (plot, character, animation, music, pacing, upholding the messages it did for 7 previous seasons) coupled with the killing of a WOC and the last minute addition of a wedding between a main and a complete random, was the real reason people dislike it. It's cool you didn't have that problem apparently but don't try to discount the 3000 negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes as just the ire of spurned shippers. If their ship had been canon, it wouldn't somehow erase how bad the season was or that Allura died.

    • The fact that Shiro was the ONLY character shoved into a random marriage with no development to a complete non-character is exactlt WHY queer people are upset. The other characters were allowed to continue being heroes. They were allowed to keep their jobs and their agency; their romantic interests were only a small part of their entire character arcs.

      After Shiro was revealed to be gay, the showrunners said in an interview that being gay wouldn't affect Shiro's status as a hero. The epilogue and season 8 as a whole contradicts that. What was the point in even making him captain of the Atlas in season 7 if they were just going to take it away from him in season 8?

      The answer is because they needed to cover their asses after the mess season 7 created. So they broke all their promises about how Shiro wouldn't be treated differently than the other characters just for being gay. They got him out of the way because god forbid a gay man be a role model in a cartoon for children. They LIED.

      If all the characters ended up in random marriages, or if Shiro had been allowed to stay single and keep his job like the straight characters did, then no one would be upset about his ending. The fact that he was singled out and treated differently because of his sexuality, that he was used as a PR stunt so Dreamworks could pretend they give a shit about gay fans, when all they really care about is their reputation and making money, is why this is so upsetting.

      They lied repeatedly and are trying to pretend they forced Shiro into a random retirement/marriage for sincere reasons, when nothing could be further from the truth. It is not that difficult to understand. You can't just throw the only major gay character into a wedding with a random nobody and expect people to be grateful when none of the straight characters were disrespected this way. Allura's relationships to Lotor and Lance were both given SEASONS to develop. They were characters outside of their romance. Shiro's own character arc had him leave his prevuous relationship so he could do what he love.

      Shiro was not given the dignity that the straight characters apart from Allura were. Seven seasons of development and interviews about how he wouldn't be treated differently for being gay were tossed in the shitter. That's why it's so fucked up and hurtful.

  • This is a hard no from me.

    They have chosen to continue this wreckage, so I choose to ignore the comic completely. I feel sorry for them being trapped in this nightmare. They're going to lose money on this.

  • One last round of disappointment, I suppose. After the disaster that was Season 8, I’m not sure the fans can handle any more surprises.

    What surprises have we been rewarded so far?
    - Allura sacrificing herself with little to no objection from her paladin family? (which is a stark contrast to the team’s response to Allura being captured back in season 1, but who cares about continuity I guess)
    - Honerva suddenly having a change of heart, being redeemed, and thus being welcomed by her deceased family as she happily Walks Into The Light...all of this with no proper explanation?
    - Lotor’s literal melted and decaying corpse! :) such a treat, especially after learning about the years of abuse he suffered throughout his upbringing. Honestly, thanks for that beautiful corpsey scene :))
    - Shiro becoming noticeably distant from the paladins, especially his best friend, and eventually choosing to give up on pursuing his dreams of space exploration? (I would think that he’d be more eager to explore space now that there’s no longer the impending threat of intergalactic war/Armageddon, but I guess dreams change...I mean, who wouldn’t suddenly want to marry the [Man] of their dreams and retire at the ripe old age of 27?? /s).

    If I absolutely had to pick things that are season 8 compliant, but could still use more exploration:
    - More normal interactions between Shiro and the paladins (and I mean Shiro the Hero (friend, leader) that we all know and love. Not “captain bossman who barks out orders from his throne” who replaced Shiro in season 8. That guy was a bad clone. A clown.)
    - Lotor being redeemed, but like, blatantly and thoroughly? I want to see his efforts widely acknowledged. I don’t want to have to assume that “well it all worked out in the end, so I guess they all saw that his intentions were good and then forgave him”. No, thanks. Also, I’d like to see him acknowledge his past rashness and his weaknesses (still don’t understand why he was able to kill off Narti so easily if he was such a Good Boi Who Did Nothing Wrong??);
    - Also, please explain the damn dark entity?? What the hell was that? Why? What purpose did it serve? How was Allura able to withstand its corruption, but Honerva wasn’t? Nor anyone else? Was it because Allura was chosen by the White Lion? Why was Lotor a part of those dark entity visions anyways??? Please :) Explain :))
    - WHERE IS THE WHITE LION NOW? Please, I miss her
    - Coran having a chance to actually say goodbye to Allura, who was arguably his last semblance of family, of his homeland (...sorry Romelle). He, like Allura, lost almost everything, and she was all he had left. I don’t care that some miraculous plot hole brought Planet Altea back, I still assume that Coran is irreparably devastated over losing the girl who he helped to raise, without being able to give a proper Farewell, I Love You Always.
    - is Allura basically Bob now?

    I hope they don’t touch the situation with Curtis. Just...please...just leave it alone, it can only get worse. Focus on things that can still be explained, things that can still be connected to the previous 7 seasons of the show. Focus on plot-relevant things, not a rushed/token/out of place romance that adds nothing to the story or characters. If I have to trade an after-the-fact fleshed-out romance for Shiro’s dreams and aspirations (and close interactions with the rest of the paladins)? I’ll give up the romance, without hesitation. So, since the damage is irrevocably done...just leave it be, bury it.

    But at least I know I can save money by forgoing the comics, since they’ll just deepen the wounds caused by season 8. Wish we’d gotten a similar heads up about season 8 before it aired, would have saved $ by cancelling my Netflix subscription months in advanced lol.

    Oh but if any of the artists involved in the comics have PayPal/patreon/kofi accounts set up, (discreetly) let the fans know so we can at least pay you directly for your time/effort!!

    P.S. - if anyone from Dreamworks is listening, or cares (lmfaooooo), allow the comics to end differently. We’ll give you money then.

    • The release of this comic just shows how terrible the final season of Voltron was handled. Nobody is going to buy the comic that just pours salt into our open wounds. Fix the story before you try and continue it.

  • We do not want a 'new' story. We want the old one that they butchered.
    No Voltron property will see a cent from me until they release the original cut of s8.
    Allura, Lotor, and Shiro deserve better.

  • Putting all the salt and such aside, I don't want this. I'm someone who was optimistic about most aspects of the ending, sans the reasoning for Allura's death and Lance being left to mourn, and to even me, it's like, really? Did we need this one to take place in the middle of season eight? Or any season? I wanna move past the lions and see the future. I would've liked a spin-off about Vehicle Voltron's adventures. But alas, there's no market for that, I guess. Or a limited market.
    Meh. If we're getting this, I'd at least like to see more Lance and Allura development.
    Also, galra Keith. The fandom has wanted this since season one. So, please Lion Forge, please.

  • I am still healing from the finale of S8. I feel like this is too soon. DW has done nothing to show that they care what the fans think. They don't care how hurt they felt. Are they doing this because they saw how webcomics based on the show is getting popular? So they want to cash grab with the fandom, still? Fans feel used and hurt. The creators have called the fans whiners and complainers and degraded them. They ghosted after the show. Everyone disappeared. A lot of people are broken hearted. Being blatant about using them for just for a cash grab, with a lack of sincerity. It's not helping. It's hurting. How is lion Forge going to fix this? How are they going to move forward with the story? How are they going to help heal the hurt that was left behind? How are they going to gain the trust, after such a betrayal? they will need a miracle.

  • This is disappointing. No one is going to want to buy that crap after the wreckage of Season 8. Are they really expecting for us to feel happy about it? What more story is there to tell, Allura is dead and she's not coming back, Lance will always be depressed and lonely, and the other paladins are just gone doing their own thing. If they plan on redoing season 8 in comics, that would've been much better. Lionforge, please think about this. Fans are clearly upset about this, hear out your audience. I really did enjoy Voltron, at times I can't even think about it cause it hurts so much. If you're going to continue the comics, bring Allura back, the paladins, the lions, please.

  • If those from LionForge and Dreamworks want to continue the story from Season 8, I suggest that they bring Allura and Lotor back. As for Shiro, please let him return as the Black Paladin. His role as the Captain of Atlas was certainly non-iconic especially when he was mainly in the background and shouting out orders. Didn’t he also activate Black lions wings and obtained the bayard from Zarkon? That’s another reason why he should regain the Black Paladin role. Keith should return to Red and Lance with Blue. Their personalities fit well with those lions and should’ve stayed that way though. Let Allura pilot the Atlas since it’s her crystal that activated it into a robot.

    • I totally agree with you. The real Shiro disappeared since s2 and what I expected is that he will recover his position as Black Paladin after all he struggled to earn that position but that never happened and Shiro as the Captain of the Atlas, well nothing interesting or memorable happened.

      • The thing is though, by rest we didn't mean retire we meant from having to suffer from these horrible events that seem to happen to him...We didn't want him retiring from his dreams and goals. That's why it's such a spit in the face, he was so happy in season 7 to be Captain of the Atlas and just a season later they make him retire at 27 and marry a random nobody. If you believe the wedding was good representation, you are in the minority. That wedding was so forced in and like it was just a spit in the face. He never interacted with this guy at all onscreen and they promised relationships would develop onscreen. So, of course, we have all the right to say that him retiring and stating 'he finally found happiness' is just a blow. Because that implies that he wasn't happy being Captain of the Atlas(Which he was), that being a paladin didn't make him happy, but somehow marrying a random guy gives him Happiness? Then why didn't he just stay with Adam then?
        It's such a blow because we knew he loved exploring space and they take that away from him.

  • Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and say that the majority of people complaining about s8 are shippers made about their OTP not happening or people who just wanted the status quo of s1 and 2 to remain. The fandom is notoriously toxic and awful and would have never been happy with any ending that didn't cater to their overly specific needs and terrible headcanons that completely ignore the show's characterization.

    Case in point, Shiro's eventual retirement. For the entire run fans have been wanting Shiro to rest and recover from his trauma. But suddenly now it's an issue, even though he's accomplished so much. News flash, it's okay for a hero to rest, it doesn't make them any less heroic. Also the entire series was leading up to him becoming more of a mentor for the others, he cannot stay as the Black Paladin forever because that diminishes Keith's role. But he was still captain of the Atlus and still fought as a hero, then got his due rest. And man is this the only show where people complain about the gay hero lead getting married to a named important character and having an open kiss. But once again shipping drama so nothing is good enough.

    The only point I can understand people being upset about is Allura's death but still it was her choice and even though they were hurt the Paladins knew it was her choice. And Honerva was not redeemed she was made to fix the damage she caused instead of them having a generic kill her and she gets off scot free ending.

    And of course the showrunners ghosted after this season. The entire freakshow of this fandom has done nothing but harass, belittle, and send death threats to them, the writers, the animators, and the VAs since day one. They own nothing to any of you, especially when all of you have been nothing but hateful to them in return for two years.

    Also I'm queer as well and the only queerphobic things I've seen are from the fans themselves, especially aimed at my orientation.

  • Yeah I know fandom has got out of hand but they have every right to be upset. The only thing I disagree is with fandom harassing the writers by sending death threats, etc. People who do that need to set their priorities straight.

    Anyway I may be a staunch S1 and S2 fan here which I’m not afraid to admit though and admire Shiro as black paladin. All the other versions of him were written poorly including when he became the Captain of Atlas. All he did was remain in the background and yell out orders like some boring military robot in contrast to the Shiro who was always helping his fellow Paladins. And it was hurtful to the lgbtq community when they decided to marry him to some random guy who he never had an connection with throughout the series. Most of all, it’s not all shippers who are upset. First of all, I was never into shipping characters. The epilogue and the characters being written in such a way that made it appear like that they were not the same ones that we loved seasons ago had fans feel heartbroken, including myself. If you disagree then that’s fine be it. It will not make me and others here change how we feel about the show and it’s character development. Thank you for your time.

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