Review – Lucifer #4: The Horrors of Gately House

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Lucifer #4
Lucifer #4 cover, via DC Comics.

Lucifer #4 – Dan Watters, Writer; Sebastian Fiumara, Max Fiumara, Artists; Dave McCaig, Colorist


Ray – 9/10

Ray: Since it’s kickoff, Lucifer has been the densest of the Sandman Universe titles – switching back and forth between Lucifer in his prime, Lucifer as an addled old man, and the human story of the grieving Detective John Decker.

This issue, those three stories converge in a big way and we find out exactly who’s playing Decker. He’s been on the trail of his late wife’s brother, Robert Ewell, and that led him to the mysterious and haunted Gately House. Since arriving, he’s become sicker and sicker and now is prone to seizures and mysterious blackouts that are taking hours from him. Coming off more like a drug-addled maniac than a detective at times, he arouses the suspicion of the local Sheriff’s department as he tries to discover Ewell’s mysterious past – and discovers a man with a long history of criminal activity. But he’s also suspected in his own wife’s death, and soon he finds himself on the run from the law.

Lucifer #4
The secrets of Gately House. Via DC Comics.

He eventually finds Ewell, and his wife’s long-lost brother turns out to be anything but a petty con. Decker is the sole main character in this issue, but Lucifer looms large – in a way, he’s been the source of all of Decker’s misfortune because of a deal made and reneged upon decades ago. Ewell makes a hateful villain, but he’s just a small pawn in a much larger game.

As more than one ancient enemy of Lucifer returns to exact their revenge, the addled old demon pays a major price at the end of the issue that threatens to upend the whole series. The series has been strong from the start, but this is the first issue that makes everything come together as a whole. You have a strong central character, a terrifying villain, and a larger-than-life Lucifer who takes many forms. For people mostly familiar with the Lucifer from the TV series, this series’ twisty narrative might take them by surprise, but it’s a journey well worth taking.

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