Geek Links: Forget Screen Time Rules – Lean in to Parenting Your Wired Child

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

This is a change, someone is saying we aren’t spending enough screen times with our kids! That someone in this case is Jordan Shapiro, a Temple University professor who has a new book out titled The New Childhood. But Jordan isn’t just a preachy professor, he is also a single divorced dad with two little boys.

‘He came to realize that part of his job as a parent was to help his children make sense of their online experiences and teach them how to uphold enduring values in the new world they are living in.’

NPR did a short interview with Jordan Shapiro and the transcript from the interview is part of the NRP article. I thought this was a very interesting take on technology and raising kids and definitely worth a read if you are a parent trying to navigate the dangerous waters of technology and social media with your kids.

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