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Explore Time Travel in an Excerpt of ‘Here and Now and Then’

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Kin Stewart is a time traveling special agent, but then he got stranded in the past (our present) and started a family. When the agency finally comes to rescue him, he’s not so sure he wants to go back.

That’s the premise of Here and Now and Then, a novel by Mike Chen that mixes time travel with parenting—a perfect blend for GeekDad, really. I got a chance to read an advance review copy, and (although I’ll always have some quibbles about the details of time travel in stories) I really enjoyed it, pondering the implications of living two different lives and having to choose between the two of them.

Here and Now and Then will be released on January 29, but while you’re waiting, you can start reading a few chapters now! (Just think of it as a sort of literary time travel.) Thanks to Mira Books, we’ve got Chapter 2 available for you today: click here to download the PDF. Catch up on the prologue at Hypable and Chapter 1 at Stay tuned for Chapter 3 to follow at Hypable and Chapter 4 at CrimeReads!

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