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Looking for a reasonably-priced gift for that special someone on your list who just can’t seem to get–or stay–organized? For around $30, you can pick up the Traveler and More refillable leather notebook, which makes journaling and planning a breeze for those of us who still like to do our list making and note taking the analog way.

The package comes delivered in a brown paper envelope, closed with twine, for a distinguished presentation. Within the package are the notebook cover and various inserts. The cover is made from a single piece of horse leather that wraps around the inserts. Elastic cords hold the notebook closed and keep the inserts snug within.

The inserts include:

  • 1 80 page day planner
  • 1 80 page lined paper insert
  • 1 80 page grid paper insert
  • 1 80 page blank (unlined) paper insert
  • 1 vinyl card holder/zip pouch insert
  • 1 Kraft paper envelope/folder insert

Removing inserts–whether to simply rearrange them into your preferred order or to leave unneeded inserts out–is as simple as sliding the insert from between the elastic cords holding the insert(s) in place. Removing inserts until you need them makes the notebook slightly less chunky and easier to carry around.

I used the Traveler and More notebook extensively on my recent trip to Louisville SuperCon. Yes, I could have used a number of different tools to keep myself organized at that event, but the digital tools were a bit clunky and I really wanted to put the notebook to the test. I found that I used the day planner insert to schedule where I needed to be at what time to cover certain panels and attractions. I used the lined paper for taking notes. I did not have occasion to use either the grid or the blank paper. The card holder came in handy for keeping track of the business cards I picked up. Personally, I could not get used to the notebook as a wallet replacement, though it did serve that purpose well.

I was able to fit the notebook in a backpack, laptop bag, and camera bag, as my needs for the day dictated. There is not a native pen holder in the notebook, so to keep from having to dig through my equipment bags (and remembering to switch pens to different bags for the day), I improvised by placing a small binder clip over the grid paper insert and attaching my pen to the binder clip.

Talking with and showing the notebook to others, I heard a number of different potential applications and uses. Therein lies the real strength of the product. The Traveler and More notebook is versatile, due to the number of different inserts included at the low price point. Similar items, such as the like-sized Midori leather notebook can retail for $75 or more and do not include the inserts that the Traveler and More leather notebook packs. When you take quality, versatility, and price point together, the Traveler and More refillable leather notebook is a great investment.

Purchase the Traveler and More refillable leather notebook at Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received a Traveler and More refillable leather notebook for review purposes. All opinions about the product, notes written, and miles put on the product are my own.

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