Hot Wheels Blends Analog and Digital Play With Drive Ahead! (Giveaway)

I don’t know about you, by my son is OBSESSED with Hot Wheels cars. Just the basic little cars. Nothing fancy. They don’t drive on their own, make noises, or glow in the dark. They’re essentially the same ones I had when I was younger. The simplicity of Hot Wheels is what’s made it stand the test of time.

Despite that, Hot Wheels (as a brand) has made headway into the digital space on several fronts. The latest effort is in the massively popular Drive Ahead! mobile app (available for iOS and Android). The app is basically a one-on-one gladiator car battle featuring all kinds of vehicles. Imagine a cross between a monster truck rally, a demolition derby, and Excitebike and you’ve got a good idea.

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A new, permanent feature of the app is Hot Wheels Wednesdays, a weekly event introducing collectible Hot Wheels cars into the Drive Ahead! arena. During Hot Wheels Wednesday, players fight for the chance to win exclusive Hot Wheels die-cast cars. In conjunction with Hot Wheels Wednesday, players will also find a fresh new Nemesis arena available every month!

The best part? Hot Wheels is making physical playsets of each of these monthly arenas, which began with October’s Spider Park Attack. Coming months will feature:

  • Gorilla Rampage (November)
  • Sharkport Showdown (December)
  • Octopus Attack (January)
  • Triceratops (February)

The BEST best part? We’ve got a Spider Park Attack playset to give away to one lucky Hot Wheels and GeekDad fan. Simply enter using the field below. Contest available to residents of the USA only. Winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

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