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Black Friday Just Got Easier—Apple on Amazon

You can now buy Apple products on Amazon, thanks to the recent deal between the industry greats. While consumers have been able to buy these products from third-party suppliers, it has long been a sketchy adventure. Unreliable suppliers, variable prices, and other unknowns have kept buyers from trusting Amazon as a platform as their final point of purchase. Those days seem to be going out.

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This will immediately change the way consumers buy Apple products, but it also will change how Apple products are bought on Amazon. As part of the deal, no unauthorized dealers can sell Apple or Beats products on Amazon, and any unauthorized listings will be removed in early January. Consumers who would normally shop around to different sellers on Amazon will have fewer options, but the trade-off is in the guarantees which always accompany buying from authorized retailers for Apple products such as returns, warranties, etc.

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The single greatest benefit to Amazon users, though, is Prime benefits. Free expedited shipping is a constant, of course, but Prime discounts are going to bring the products down below retail price compared to ordering directly from Apple. This is excellent, as Apple products are rarely on sale, and those sales are usually limited.

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For example, Apple iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular, 128GB) – Gold (Latest Model) is a listing on Amazon ringing up at $519.00, but on Apple’s listing for the same product, they ring it up at $539.00. These aren’t Earth-shattering discounts, but they are there regardless of season to all Prime members.


Not all Apple products are available, and you can still buy from unauthorized retailers until early January. As ever, be careful when making purchases for high-ticket items online.

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