Talk and Build Like a Pirate With the LEGO Pirate Roller Coaster

Image: LEGO

While you’re waiting for the release of the LEGO Creator Roller Coaster kit that comes out on New Year’s Day 2019, add some other roller coaster LEGO to your Talk Like a Pirate Day!

The new LEGO Creator Pirate Roller Coaster set is another one of LEGO’s 3-in-1 kits that can be built three different ways (or use your imagination to come up with more!).

It comes with all the pieces you need to make your own pirate roller coaster, complete with track, cars, pilings, and spooky details like skulls, skeletons, swords, and a parrot. And, the roller coaster really works (with manual power)!

Image: LEGO
Image: LEGO

Once built, the set is decently large at over 9″ high, 25″ wide, and 12″ deep for the largest build, and it’s the largest size LEGO set I’ve personally built. You can also build smaller variations of this set with the included instructions, for the Skull Ride or the Ship Ride.

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There are a lot of cool features to this set, like a spinning skull (that the riders kind of hit their heads on as they crest a hill), a galleon pirate ship, a ticket booth, a cannon, a drinking skeleton, an angry octopus, and even a camera that takes riders’ photo as you zoom past. The coaster itself looks like a multi-segmented shark body, which isn’t as weird as it sounds. There is also a separate balloon cart, four minifigures (one is a child and one is a pirate dude), and the aforementioned skeleton figure. (And if you, like me, don’t like skeletons, not to worry: the LEGO skeleton isn’t very creepy.)

The set was quite fun to build and would be great for anyone in late elementary school onward. The cars move pretty smoothly along the track, though the roller coaster design isn’t quite built to make the best use of physics and gravity. Still, there is enough track for you to rebuild the set however you like and experiment. Plenty of room for hills and pirate thrills!

All the pieces right out of the box. Photo: Jenny Bristol
A top view of the completed track. Photo: Jenny Bristol
The riders in the shark cars. Photo: Jenny Bristol
The angry octopus. Photo: Jenny Bristol
The pirate ship. Photo: Jenny Bristol
Drinking skeleton likes to drink. Photo: Jenny Bristol
The cannon. Photo: Jenny Bristol
The Ticket booth. Photo: Jenny Bristol
More seaside touches. Photo: Jenny Bristol

My favorite features are the spinning skull, the broken pirate ship, and the roller coaster car action. I normally like static LEGO sets that don’t move around much, but even I’m a big fan of these new roller coaster sets. I look forward to reconfiguring this one to try out different coaster combinations. And, LEGO, take note: I’m all ready to sign up for a set that’s just track, cars, and pilings.

The LEGO Pirate Roller Coaster is the perfect start (or addition) to your seaside amusement park. And, at a little less than $90, it won’t break the bank as much as the larger sets will while still providing hours of fun build time and plenty of play time as you push and woosh the ride cars along the track.

Note: I received a sample for review purposes but all obsession with building LEGO kits is entirely my own.

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