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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 78: Eagle, Jaguar, and Bear

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In this episode, House of Pain meets Boston, The Grammar Club channels Cake, and More or Les likes you just the way you are. (And so do I.)

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00:44 Supercommuter – “Carry On (feat. Beefy & Jeff Suffering)” (content warning)
04:10 Talking / RoboRob – “No, It’s Not
04:49 Josh Whelchel – “The Last Autumn’s Feather
07:31 Glenn Case – “Today is a Song
10:24 RoboRob – “Is This Chiptune?
13:35 Thundering Asteroids! – “Cobra Kai Fight Song
15:24 More Talking / RoboRob – “No, It’s Not”
16:05 DJ Topcat – “More Than on Point (House of Pain vs. Boston)” (content warning)
20:13 The Grammar Club – “Tawillicker Jones Confronts the Opposition
24:28 Swamp Thing & Ghettosocks – “Cure for Everything” (content warning)
27:32 Even More Talking / RoboRob – “No, It’s Not”
29:09 More or Les – “Nerd Love” (content warning)

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