It Is Time to Play ‘No Man’s Sky’

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No Man’s Sky Next Makes the Previously Maligned Game a Classic

Two years ago, Hello Games released No Man’s Sky a game that was underwhelming at best but as time has gone on the development team never gave up and with the NEXT update the game that was originally promised is here!

Like many gamers, I was excited about the hype behind No Man’s Sky in 2016 but wanted to wait for the initial price point of $59.99 to come down before I made the investment. In that period of time, reviews were released that were overwhelmingly negative. For the most part, gamers complained about the lack of depth in the game and the many graphical and gameplay glitches. The consensus was that it was unfinished but with the pressure of Sony having the game as a flagship exclusive title, the expectations far outweighed what was delivered. Though the game was not perfect, I had always suspected a great deal of hyperbole in the reviews and waited to see if the improvement would come and offer me an excuse to purchase the game.

Angry Joe’s Review of No Man’s Sky Crystalizes What Gamers Felt in 2016

Recently I had completed several games on PS4 and was looking for a title to play during the downtime during my summer vacation (Being a Gamer and Professor has its perks). When I was looking around and asking fellow gamers, I heard a bit of buzz that the latest update to No Man’s Sky called NEXT (or just 1.5) had made the game quite a good experience. The price had gone down considerably to about $26.00 new and $19.99 used and as low as $10 on Facebook Marketplace. So I decided to give it a shot and, after 40 hours of gameplay later, I am glad I did!

When I fired the game up I was taken by the calm, almost meditative style and artwork. No Man’s Sky has a very simple beauty which is evocative of the ’60s and ’70s science fiction artwork like Moebius.

The Artwork of Moebius

What Makes It Great?

What I found that the game truly offered was a wide ranged open science fiction experience. If you had always just wanted to be an explorer going to different planets and meeting new life forms and studying the biology, ecology, and languages of that destination, you could just do that.  If you wanted to be a space jockey who souped up high-powered fast fighters and waged battles across galaxies, that is there too. Perhaps you wished to be a rich trader who used the understanding of wide-ranging economies to increase your profits and build your wealth in a less ethical manner? Also a possibility. No Man’s Sky, simply put, offers that widest, most in-depth opportunity to exist in a pure science fiction universe that has ever been possible. The lack of a rigid linear structure may cause some gamers anxiety and feelings of boredom, but the game, much like our real lives, is made rich by how you choose to live it. There are hundreds of missions available at Space Stations or by just talking to the general populous of any planet or trading post. The missions, like the rest of the game, can be combat, science, or diplomatic in nature. The game continues to improve, and Hello Games has done an amazing job listening to the community that has stood by them through the growth process. Many new customizations and features have been added since the initial release and the developer promises to continue to do so.

Is It Perfect Now?

No, No Man’s Sky still has issues with long load times, glitches, and screen tearing, but they do not disqualify any gamer from robbing themselves of the experience, and, like I had said previously, the developers continue to improve it. In fact, there have been several patches since the 1.5 update.

Does It Have a Future?

The game has recently been released not only on PS4 but Xbox One and PC. Though the prices on the new platforms are elevated, the game is now fully fleshed out and well deserving of an AAA price tag. New players will help push development even further and I can’t wait to see what will be on the horizon for No Man’s Sky.

Should I Buy It?

Absolutely! Especially if you have a PS4 and can get what may eventually be an all-time great game at an indie game price. If you are a lover of the worlds of Issac Asimov and Frank Herbert, Robert Heinlen and all the classic science fiction and art, this is the universe you have been waiting to play in!

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2 thoughts on “It Is Time to Play ‘No Man’s Sky’

  1. I have been playing games for a long time, owned every major system since NES, Sega Master, and Atari 2600. I have never once tried to return a game that I had played. Until this game came out. I felt lied to, I felt I’d been swindled. I returned the game…and had no issues, It was probably the worst week of gaming in my life(I was on vacation and had plenty of tie when it came out). Even though I got my money back the whole situation still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I can’t believe this game is still around, and don’t think I could bring myself to try it again (Yes I am being biased and unreasonable but that’s how this games launch made me feel)

    1. I understand completely and if I had purchased it in its original form I would probably feel the same way.

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