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Give Your Collectibles Shelf Some Girl Power With Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl!

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DC Power Women Statues Images: DC Comics

Add some superpower to your collectibles shelf with the hottest that DC Comics women have to offer. Batgirl from Burnside is giving us her best selfie pose while Wonder Woman “crushes” it and Super Girl shows the boys how it’s done on the race track in these three brand new statues by DC Comics Collectibles.

DC Cover Girls Batgirl by Joelle Jones Statue

Batgirl Detail Images: DC Comics

Retail $125
Pre-Order ships on 10/31/2018
9-inch polyresin
Sculpted by Jack Mathews

Batgirl of Burnside goes selfie style in the latest statue by artist Joelle Jones. The best part of this sculpture is how the artist, Joelle Jones, and the sculpturer, Jack Mathews, were able to capture the energy and expression of Barbra Gordon on this fun and energetic moment of Batgirl’s night out. It’s a fun take on a serious character who spends her time protecting the streets of Burnside.

The detail from the zipper on her jacket to the shoelaces on her boots is uncanny and worth
taking your time to appreciate. Batgirl really shines in this piece and I’m happy to have the
chance to add it to my collection next to Harley Quinn.

DC Designer Series Bombshells Wonder Woman by Ant Lucia Deluxe Statue

Wonder Woman Detail Images: DC Comics

Retail $219.95
Available Now
9-inch polyresin
Artist Ant Lucia

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The DC Designer Series Bombshells Wonder Woman statue by Ant Lucia is a hefty statue and worth of Wonder Woman. She stands tall at 9-inches but that sword adds a bit to her height. She commands whoever stands behind her and makes those in front of her run in fear for sure with that sword above her head and a crushed tank beneath her feet. I wish I could get a good shot of her gauntets because they are beautiful. The artist really took the time to go into some nice detail on them.

Gotham City Garage Supergirl Statue

Supergirl Detail Images: DC Comics

Retail $139.95
Available Now
9-inch polyresin

Supergirl takes her place among the Gotham City Garage line while showing off her strength in
this piece. Designed by the DC Collectibles design team, her outfit is fit for the race track and her pose is adorable. Her tattoo was designed by the talented Katherine Brannock (Flying Panther Tattoos) and is a lovely piece of detailed work. I’d cosplay as this statue any day.

Supergirl also has some interesting Kryptonian on her clothing that we translated to mean “Super G” so it’s nice to know the artists did their homework and didn’t just throw some random symbols on her clothing.

As you can see these three ladies have the power to bring it to the shelf and power up your collection with their offerings Bring them home today and let them show the rest of your collection who the real boss is.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample. 

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