Robot Assistant Tēmi Is Ready to Come Home

The tēmi robot is ready to be part of the home experience.
Image Credit: tēmi

Another evolution of personal assistant technology, the tēmi (pronounced “tee-mee”) assistant robot, is ready to deliver on the “always there” support that smartphones and voice systems provide while following users through their homes or offices. The assistant is accessed through either voice or the 10-inch touchscreen (that tilts to track faces), connecting users with smart home devices, online content, media, and telepresence.

The 3’-2” tall robot boasts a pair of CPUs, one for the connected assistant and one dedicated to the sensors that keep the tēmi moving safely, including 360º LIDAR, depth cameras, RGB cameras, five proximity sensors, and an IMU (inertial measurement unit) sensor. These sensors are dedicated to guidance and obstacle avoidance and are entirely offline to ensure the safety of users, pets, and the surroundings.

While smartphones keep us connected at any time, tēmi the personal robot keeps us present anywhere.
— Yossi Wolf, temi Founder and CEO

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Tēmi takes the personal assistant and makes it a part of the users’ experience—it comes to you when called to provide a host of services including:

  • Video Calling with tēmi is particularly interesting as the cameras use facial-recognition and will follow the user as they move around. This also makes tēmi a wonderful personal photographer (despite its short stature).
  • Video entertainment and high-quality music come from a Harmon-Kardon sound system.
  • Smart Home Hub allows the user to issue internet of things (IoT) commands through tēmi.
  • Telepresence services can allow users to interact with experiences at home, including monitoring loved ones who might need additional care at home.

The tēmi robot features a small tray behind the touchscreen that can carry up to 6.6 pounds and can even charge mobile devices with an embedded wireless charger.

Telepresence through the tēmi robot could let users be home, even when they’re not.
Image Credit: tēmi

The tēmi early adopter program (EAP) is taking applications now, and looks to put 1000 robots in the hands of early adopters to test for a week ahead of a full consumer release. You are invited to apply to the program here (direct link).

Tēmi will be available for purchase soon on the website and in an upcoming New York City retail location. All the details about tēmi, its developers, and its future are available at

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