Review – Future Quest Presents #12: Frankenstein and Farewell

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Future Quest Presents #12 cover, credit to DC Comics.

Future Quest Presents #12 – Jeff Parker, Writer; Alain Mauricet, Artist; Hi-Fi, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: Ending this week after a total of twenty-four issues between the two series, Future Quest Presents #12 brings to a close the Hanna-Barbera line’s modern reinvention of the company’s classic adventure cartoons. After a series of guest writers, series creator Jeff Parker returns for one final issue, focusing on the adventures of Frankenstein Jr. and his best friend Buzz. The now-giant robot has been dormant for a while undergoing repairs after the events of Future Quest, but now Buzz and his scientist mother are almost ready to jump-start him again. Unfortunately, Number One and his minions at F.E.A.R have other plans. Their genetic engineering experiments are bearing fruit, and Linda gets word from her frenemy Dr. Zim – still in hiding but semi-reformed after his face-turn in the original title – that one of the monsters they’ve created is attacking. Before Buzz can get clear of Frankenstein, the giant robot roars to life and heads into battle – taking Buzz along for the ride.

A boy and his robot, credit to DC Comics.

This is a fun, action-packed issue, but what makes it excel is the way Parker keeps the focus on the relationships between the characters. Although she stays at base, Linda is in many ways the heart of the issue. Her concern for her son while keeping cool and directing the mission is impressive, and her complex connection with fellow genius Dr. Zim is compelling. Zim is a good example of how you can do a redemption arc for a character who’s really one step above Snidley Whiplash – you just give him something more to care about, and go from there. The friendly, snarky bond between Buzz and Frank is great, and the battle where they fight a mind-controlled giant monster looks great thanks to the art of Mauricet. Although this twelve-issue series has had a lot of different styles, they’ve all managed to call back effectively to the retro style of Doc Shaner. This issue is a fitting tribute to the entire line, bringing us fun, retro adventure. I hope it’s not the end of the road for these characters, either. Parker has created something great here.

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