Explore Computer Science Algorithms With Brilliant

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Brilliant.
In this, the final post in our two-month exploration of the superb educational courses available from our newest sponsor, Brilliant, we, at last, make our way fully into the fascinating realm of computer science. Computer Science Algorithms offer 25 interactive quizzes with more than 200 guided exercises, all created by passionate researchers and instructors.

You likely know that an algorithm is a set of rules followed to solve a problem, but what about when the data for said problem is simply too massive for a single person to calculate in an efficient and timely manner? Computers can make short work of such complex quandaries, and thus we arrive at the importance of the algorithm in comp-sci.

The course begins at ground level with an introduction to computation, introducing things like native and recursive functions and linear versus binary searches. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll also learn some great new vocabulary like “pigeonhole principle” and “bloom filter.”

By the end, you’ll master the fundamental problems in algorithms. Moreover, you’ll do it by running and manipulating code and examining its real-world applications. You can start this journey of discovery right now—for free—at Brilliant.

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