Brilliant Teaches Outside the Box Geometry

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Having already discussed my particular problems with spatial reasoning, suffice it to say that I found this week’s featured Brilliant course, Outside the Box Geometry, particularly useful.

Why? Well, for no other reason than this deeply illuminating statement from its introduction:

The most important skill in geometry is creativity, not memorization. That’s why this course includes many beautiful geometry topics that are unlike anything you’d typically see in a school classroom!

As advertised, I found the activities in Outside the Box Geometry to be far and away more challenging and rewarding than anything else I’ve encountered in my journey as a lifelong learner. Sure, I was mastering the traditional theorems and proofs of the discipline, but I was doing it in new, exciting ways.

Brilliant refers to this as “Strategic Geometry,” which finds users doing everything from angle hunting within Escher tessellations to exploring mathematical origami. It even tasked me with strategically positioning security guards within an irregularly shaped gallery—which I’m definitely going to use in my weekly D&D game in the near future.

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With 64 interactive quizzes and more than 550 guided problems, Outside the Box Geometry is a foundational math course with teeth. And just like our other featured Brilliant courses, you can begin this beautiful exploration for free right now in your browser.

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