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We Are Entertained: Solo

Feature Film: Solo: A Star Wars Story

It’s all over the news, Solo is being called a failure. What did the boys think? I can’t reveal all of our secrets, you’ll have to listen for details, but I will give you a clue and say that our thoughts were more positive than negative. We do talk a little bit about what other people are saying about the movie but we’re sure you’ve read everything everyone else has said – tune in and find out what we loved, what we hated, and what baffled us about Solo: A Star Wars Story


In our new segment we take a look back at last week and have a deeper conversation about “What’s Been Entertaining Us,” now that everyone has had a chance to see/read/listen to it. This week Chris watched Evil Genius and was able to get down into the nitty gritty details with Matt about this shocking real life thriller. Did you have a chance to watch it? What do you think? Do you believe Jessica Hoopsick?

Matt checked out the first three episodes of Lost in Space and and enjoyed it too. He didn’t have the same excitement about the performances of the kids that Chris did but thought it was a solid piece on all fronts. The real question is whether or not either one of us in enjoying it enough to continue on and finish the season. What’s your take, did you watch the whole thing? Should we finish it?

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What’s Been Entertaining Us

This week Matt checked out the Netflix original Cargo. This was a weird one for him because he had previously watched and fell in love with a short film of the same name. It turns out the Netflix film was a feature length treatment of the original Zombie Apocalypse short. Matt loved it and thought it was a great adaptation that hit all of the same high marks as the original. Chris will be taking it on as homework this week and we’d love for you to do the same!

Chris took on another adaptation but wasn’t quite as thrilled. This one was Fahrenheit 451 presented by HBO films. While he thought this was a really enjoyable film he felt like it would have been a lot better if it hadn’t been tied to the classic Ray Bradbury novel. Matt is going to check it out for homework and we hope you will too! If you’re a fan of the book let us know what you think and if you haven’t read it please let us know if you enjoyed the film!


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