Infento Kits are modular kits to build amazing life-size rides with your kids.

Infinite Rides From Infento

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Infento Kits are modular kits to build amazing life-size rides with your kids.
Infento Kits are modular kits to build amazing life-size rides with your kids.
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Infento offers modular construction kits to build life-size rides together with your kids—each set can create a variety of functioning ride-on toys. The youngest riders can create their own walkers, tricycles, and scooters, and the models get more complex with bicycles and go-karts. Building on the success of the first sets, a whole series of new kits are available now through a crowdfunding campaign, and Infento is introducing power in some of these new vehicles.

These new kits include new ways to move and steer your Infento with all new kinds of rides, from a turtle-walker for the smallest users to a skateboard or a drifter for older riders. Each kit uses just a simple hex key to assemble all the different rides, making the assembly a perfect family project, giving kids a glimpse into a technical skill set and real quality time while working on a shared goal that will provide a tangible and functional reward.

With one Infento kit, parents and children can build one of many different rides together. One box packs more than enough fun for an entire childhood starting with rides such as a walker, tricycle, and scooter for toddlers, up to a bicycle, go-kart, and electric hot rod for teenagers.

There are specialized Infento kits for use in snow that replace tires with skis. Some of the sets in the 2018 series include the new ePulse system that can turn some rides into electric-powered vehicles with a brushless DC motor. The system has two speed settings (keyed for parental control), switching between 3 mph or 7 mph maximum speeds.

Infento kits’ ability to grow with your children makes a very practical financial argument, as rides can be taken apart as children grown or seasons change and then re-assembled into a larger one.

The crowdfunding campaign completed its funding goal within an hour of launch, and the first sets are expected in September 2018. Backer rewards start at just $179 for the Explorer Kit (including parts for 11 rides) through the electric series for a pledge of $799… or you could go all-in for the $999 Legend Kit, which includes everything needed to build any of the 32 rides from all the 2018 kits (including the E-Drive designs, of course).

Information about the original Infento kits can be found on their website at

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