Con Artists: Denver Comic Con

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No, not that kind of con artist. I’m talking about the amazing people whose sketches, illustrations, and paintings were on display this year in Artist Alley at the Denver Comic Con. And while there were dozens of booths selling thousands of pieces, these three in particular were the ones I found myself coming back to (and, yes, spending money on).

Christopher Clark

Denver artist Christopher Clark is an officially licensed Lucasfilm and Marvel fine artist. He has been Lucasfilm’s featured artist at 2017 Star Wars Celebration and 2018 will be Clark’s third year as Lucasfilm and Marvel’s featured artist at San Diego Comic Con.

While I already own several of his prints, Clark’s new Black Panther is the reason he made the list.

“Black Panther” by Christopher Clark. Used with permission.

Nigel Sade

According to his website, “Nigel’s art in form is Symbolism (much like Surrealism), represented in either a realism or Abstracts, and in function it explores basic ideas we hold, mostly it does so by exploring questions of Reality, Love, Thought and plain old strangeness.”

According to this CS major whose knowledge of fine art stops at the Ninja Turtles, “Nigel’s art is bad ass.” His entire collection is worth checking out, but it was his sci-fi ship series that I really fell in love with.

From left to right: “12 Parsecs,” “I’m a Leaf on the Wind,” “Time Can Be Rewritten,” and, “To Boldly Go,” by Nigel Sade. Used with permission.

Christopher Uminga

Christopher Uminga is a sketching fiend. Whether it’s pencil, ink, watercolor, or Photoshop, Uminga somehow manages to create both heartwarming and bone-chilling illustrations — sometimes both at once. I can’t decide if I want to cuddle that Sweeney Todd or run away screaming.

You can see hundreds more of his quirky characters on his Instagram and Twitter.

“Sweeney Todd,” “Newt Scamander,” and, “Marty and Doc,” by Christopher Uminga. Used with permission.

J. Salvador

J. Salvador got his start in Hollywood but is best known for his SuperEmoFriends series of illustrations. Like Christopher Uminga, Salvador’s minimal style combined and clever captions are simultaneously adorable, funny, and heart-breaking. Like listening to a sad song on the radio, sometimes you just want a touch of melancholy, and SuperEmoFriends delivers.

“SuperEmoFweezie,” “SuperEmo10th,” “SuperEmoWink,” and, “SuperEmoSizzyHands,” by J. Salvador. Used with permission.
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