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LynQ smart compass goes anywhere. Image Credit: LynQ

You can keep track of your friends and family by tracking their phones… if you both have signal and battery. The newly released LynQ is a smart compass that locates anyone without any kind of phone, network, or infrastructure. LynQ is now available for pre-order through an Indiegogo campaign (link here), which has already reached its funding goal, but the super early bird pricing is still available (as of the time of publication).

The weather-proof, clip-on LynQ devices feature a compass-like display and a simple user interface designed to allow people to see the relative distance and direction from each other. The LynQ is only 4” x 2” x 1” and is designed with a rugged carabiner clip. The engineering inside LynQ devices utilizes GPS and LoRa (long-range wireless) with proprietary communication protocols to provide an accurate, long-distance, and long-lasting device that can locate groups of up to 12 devices anywhere in the world under open sky. Since LynQ devices work without cellular or network or even a contract, they truly operate internationally and even in locations where connectivity is non-existent.

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The setup for LynQ takes only seconds, pairing devices and entering names with the one-button interface. The same system lets users move between their group members, displaying a user’s name, arrow, and number of feet that are visible under any conditions on a backlit and glare-protected screen. Users can also set boundaries, receiving an alert when any member of the group leaves the safe zone—perfect for young kids, pets, and those with special needs. A “home base” (i.e. base camp, car, ski lift, or hotel) can also be set as an anchor for everyone to find each other.

Ideal for outdoor adventures, LynQ could be a great tool that would allow groups of skiers, hikers, travelers, or cyclists to remain in contact without a phone signal, maps, or phone battery life. The same features make it a fantastic safety device for Alzheimer’s/elder/special needs patients—caretakers and family members can monitor their patients or loved ones that are at risk to wander. LynQ was selected to participate in research and development exercises by the U.S. and Thai governments centered around the location of wounded and unconscious soldiers; a U.S. government report cited a 61 percent reduction in response time locating wounded soldiers when using LynQ.

LynQ will begin shipping in fall 2018. Pre-order pricing through Indiegogo starts at $154 for a 2-pack—for more information, visit for all the details and a link to the crowdfunding campaign.

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