OmiCam Shares 360º Adventures

OmiCam 360º camera captures adventures.
OmiCam 360º camera captures adventures
Image Credit: OmiCam

Capturing virtual reality photos and videos is the latest addition to recording the places we visit and adventures we have. While many smartphones can post 360º still images to social media platforms with just the camera, higher resolution images and VR video require a bit of external hardware. Recently, we got to experiment with an OmiCam ( that can create high-resolution virtual reality photos and video. (Disclosure: An OmiCam unit was provided to us for review; all opinions are my own.)

The OmiCam features a 240° fish-eye lens—meaning that it captures a full panorama around the camera and three-quarters of a sphere above it (and intelligently adds a logo in the dead space that the lens cannot capture). Content can then be shared directly through the Omi Studio app (for iOS and Android) or edited (including soundtrack and text) and shared through an application for your Windows or Mac computer.

The short sample video below shows the image quality, even with difficult light/dark lighting contrast… all while attached to the OmiCam founder who is struggling up a cliff.

OmiCam is available now for $299; each camera comes with a stand, a quick-release clip (perfect for attaching to backpack straps or the visor of a cap), and other attachment hardware.

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, OmiCam is splash-resistant, lightweight, and is easily attached to helmets, backpacks, and more with the different connectors and clips included with the unit. The battery life is impressive—nearly 15 hours when using the LifeLog feature, discussed below. Normal use still provides decent battery life, approximately 2.5 hours, but only if used without linking to a smartphone as a viewfinder, editor, or live streaming connection.

Making the OmiCam even more adept at recording high-action adventures is the built-in image stabilization and auto-horizon technology that makes video impressively smooth whether recorded while walking along a New York City sidewalk or careening down a wooded trail on a mountain bike. The proprietary software allows the video to remain stable while the camera is mounted in any direction, without external gimbals or accessories. The video below is a test of the stabilization tech built into the software of the OmiCam.

The unique LifeLog feature sets the OmiCam to record a five-second video every three minutes (of course, the duration can be adjusted). The LifeLog algorithm claims to use the OmiCam’s sensors to capture the most exciting moments, allowing the user to focus on the adventure at hand… while having an immersive virtual reality record to re-experience later.

OmiCam Shares 360º Adventures is cross-published on the Architechnologist, a site dedicated to exploring technologies that change the way we experience the world around us.

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