Kickstarter Alert: Tisy the Toothpaste Squeezer

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Tisy Toothpaste Squeezer

What Is Tisy?

This may seem like a simple gadget: a device that helps you to squeeze your toothpaste tube to the last. It falls into the category of things I didn’t know I needed until I saw it.

This Kickstarter project comes after two friends decided that the available squeezers where no longer functional after a while. Santiago is a corporate lawyer who was unable to create one to meet his needs, but his friend Ignacio is an engineer and designer. Together, they decided to create a new and functional squeezer. After several prototypes and ideas, they came up with Tisy. Using it they realized that Tisy could squeeze out all the toothpaste in an easy way, saving time, money, and stress.

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Tisy Components

Tisy consists of one simple plastic piece, one-size-fits-all, that can be ordered in different colors.

How to Use Tisy

As this video will show you, you just need to adjust it through the end of your toothpaste tube. Regardless of the design of the tube in question, it will fit and do the job.

Why You Should Get Tisy

Since this is a prototype, they are willing to invest in a machine that will ensure aesthetic quality and low prices. Currently, you can back the project and get one just for under $2 USD. There are several offers as well to get at least a pair since there are always different sized tubes in the regular bathroom: maybe your kids will need one, and so will your spouse. The Kickstarter is set in Mexican pesos, with a rough estimate of the US dollar cost on top. The campaign is running until May 12th.

Disclosure: GeekDad will receive a copy of this product for review purposes if it succeeds, and will let you know more about it.

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