Cubetto’s African Savannah Adventure Pack

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My daughter takes Cubetto on an African safari. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

In case you missed it, the Kickstarter campaign for the latest Cubetto adventure pack is live now—and it’s a short campaign, so there’s only about a week left.

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The seventh adventure pack is set in the African Savannah, with a canvas map populated by big cats, elephants, giraffes, and more. As with the other adventure packs, it comes with a storybook that tells a little story about Cubetto going on safari with his cat, oddly named Penguin. (I don’t have all of the previous adventure packs, so I’m not sure where Penguin was introduced.)

Cubetto safari book
The storybook instructs you where to take Cubetto next. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

As Cubetto and his guide Mr. Kobi look for various animals, Penguin goes missing—and the rest of the story is about tracking down Penguin.

Each page of the storybook includes a little factoid, a question for discussion, and then some instructions about where Cubetto should go next, so that your little programmer can set up an algorithm that will make Cubetto turn and move to the next checkpoint.

The pack will also include a set of Play Cards and a digital ebook (also available separately for a smaller pledge); the play cards were not included in my review sample, so I haven’t had a chance to use them myself, but I imagine they will allow you to make up other paths for Cubetto to follow and set up your own challenges.

Cubetto Safari map
Cubetto, in search of Penguin. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

This adventure pack is the first in what Primo Toys is calling its “Super Series,” which will be limited edition packs that are only available on Kickstarter, so we will probably see some more of these in the future. There are various pledge levels, depending on whether you already own a Cubetto base set, but the play cards are available for a $10 pledge and the adventure pack is available for $29. Other tiers include the Cubetto itself, packages with many other adventure packs, and a Colouring Pack that lets you turn Cubetto into a doodling robot.

My youngest has had a lot of fun with Cubetto and is always excited to try out a new map. While the new maps aren’t totally necessary to continue enjoying Cubetto, having a few different maps gives you some extra variety, and it’s fun to see the different environments that Primo Toys has explored: space, the sea, ancient Egypt, and so on.

For more information, visit the Cubetto Kickstarter page!

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