Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: ‘Indiana Jones and the Eaters of Lips!’

As I continue my kids’ cinematic education, I’m prompted with a difficult decision. Do I show them the bad movies in a series? Of course I’m going to show them Raiders of the Lost Ark. But, should I show them Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? How do you balance being complete with helping them make good cinematic choices?

That is part of the question we try and answer with today’s podcast. How far down the Indiana Jones rabbit hole should we go? Plus, how does a new century kid rank these movies? Will he still (accurately) rank Raiders as the greatest of the series? (Spoiler Alert: He chose… poorly.)

Added bonus; the most 10-year-old boy comment EVER.

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Adam DiMuzio: Adam and his sons (Anthony and Zachary) host the Bodaciously Awesome Family Show. A podcast dedicated to helping maximize their kids experiences, and for kids to reap the fun. Right now they are likely playing a game, watching a movie or mindlessly arguing over which of us is more awesome.

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  • Arguably (even though it's maybe the least popular) "Temple of Doom" is the technically best Indiana Jones movie. It has the most consistent action beats, and unlike "Raiders" Indy actually effects positive change at the conclusion of the film.

    • The thing I love most about "Temple of Doom" is Indy's character arc. In "Raiders" you get an idea that his past isn't entirely noble (especially with Marion). The fact that "Temple" does start with him only after Fortune and Glory and then gives him a reason to become a hero is great. I think it also makes the movie a little disjointed for the audience though - who expect to see Indy the Hero. But, when you get that full arc that then leads into the rest of the series - it's a really good use of the prequel idea.

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