Wonder Woman #42 cover

Review – Wonder Woman #42: Why Is Jason Still In This Book??

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Wonder Woman #42 cover
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Wonder Woman #42 – James Robinson, Writer; Jesus Merino, Artist; Romulo Fajardo Jr., Colorist


Ray – 4/10

Corrina: ::facepalm::


Ray: This massively disappointing Wonder Woman run continues to limp along on its overarching storyline, with little in the way of intriguing developments and several more major red flags in its depiction of its title character. It’s simply there, and as usual, its biggest problem is none other than Jason. Two issues ago he vanished, and the last issue he returned with a shiny new costume. Now, as he explains, he doesn’t know where he went but he saw some sort of mythical race of giants and they gave him shiny new powers. Now he’s apparently faster than Wonder Woman, because that’s exactly what everyone wanted out of a Wonder Woman series. The two fly to Germany to confront Grail, and we’re treated to an extended flashback to Jason’s first meeting with Grail, where he fought a team of obscure New Gods villains called the Deep Six. They’re…fishmen who yell their names a lot.

Points to Robinson for digging through DC Continuity for some obscure Kirby villains, but it’s too bad he’s not using them for something better. To put it into perspective, Jason gets four pages in a Wonder Woman comic where Wonder Woman doesn’t appear. Again. Then they track Grail to the castle where she’s attacking a low-level God known as the Huntsman, there’s another big battle, and Grail proves that she’s powerful enough to override Diana’s lasso due to her Amazon bloodline.

So, for those who are keeping track, Diana is now slower than Boy Amazon Marty Sue, and her powers can’t stop Scary Badass Villain Lady. Diana is now the weakest, most inconsequential part of her own comic run, which is exactly the last thing Wonder Woman should be. The issue ends with Darkseid planning an attack on ARGUS and Steve Trevor, but the competent action segments can’t really do anything to save a series that’s completely off base.

Corrina: I was going to rant again, especially since Boy Amazon somehow appears to be drawn younger than his actual twin sister and continues to be far too naive for someone who actually grew up in man’s world, which Wonder Woman did not.

But, instead of ranting, I’m going to suggest you buy other, superior comics. It will be a far better use of your money and far more pleasant reading.

First, find James Robinson’s Starman run, which remains a classic. If you want to still put your money into DC Comics this week, pick up Supergirl #19The Wild Storm: Michael Cray #6 or New Super-Man and the Justice League of China #21 or Mister Miracle #7 or Element Woman #1. Also, make sure to pre-order the collection of the Wonder Woman/Conan crosser.

For better Wonder Woman solo stories, do you own The Legend of Wonder Woman by Renae De Liz? If not, go buy. And, also, pester DC about reprinting Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman: The Circle.

Or put your money in your pocket and buy a latte or fancy drink at Starbucks. I promise you’ll get more enjoyment from that than reading this issue.

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