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Review – The Ruff and Reddy Show #6: Mean-Spirited Ending

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Ruff and Reddy Show #6 variant cover
Not friends to the end. Image via DC Comics

The Ruff and Reddy Show #6 – Howard Chaykin, Writer; Mac Rey, Artist


Ray – 3/10

Howard Chaykin’s odd Hollywood satire comes to a close in The Ruff and Reddy Show #6, and so does the story of its titular cat and dog team. There’s always been a mean-spirited tone to the series, but never quite as pronounced as in this final issue – and the issue is not the better for it. The issue starts off with an elaborate gag involving Ruff nearly eating a talking canary friend, which turns into a big scandal, but that’s quickly moved on from as their agent Crafty has the first heart attack of the issue. He survives, but there’s other problems down the line, as their old estranged friend Pamela takes over as head of ITN, and gets ready to exact revenge for all the slights she dealt with at the start of the mini. Ruff and Reddy end their partnership once again, heading their separate ways.

Ruff goes on to a Broadway musical, finding creative fulfillment for the first time in a while, while Reddy becomes a pitchman for…some sort of drug that keeps dogs from eating their own poop? This is what passes for humor in this series, I guess, because it’s referenced over and over again. Crafty dies of another heart attack, and there’s a lot of snarky comments set at a Jewish wedding. Then Pamela exacts her revenge, calling in their past contracts and pulling them out of their current gigs so she can force them together again for a show in which they’re partners – and apparently gay married. For a five year hitch, their worst nightmare. Howard Chaykin has always been fond of taking on every sacred cow he can, but after a while, it just feels lazy.

Ending the comic with a cheap gay joke about talking animals just makes the entire thing feel like a pointless farce.

Ruff and Reddy Show #6 page 1
The cat ate the canary? Image via DC Comics

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