Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: The Concept

What I imagine I look like when putting the Podcast together.

Thank you everyone who’s listened to an episode of the Bodaciously Awesome Family Show here on GeekDad. We’ve launched a few episodes and the reaction has been great. THANK YOU! We realized, however, we launched it without ever introducing ourselves or what the show was about.

My name is Adam DiMuzio and I have two sons (Anthony and Zachary). Like (I assume) all of you, I’m trying to give my kids great experiences giving them long-lasting memories and learning opportunities. All they want is to have fun. Our jobs as parents is to balance those two forces: great experiences with fun.

That’s what the Bodaciously Awesome Family Show is all about. Giving them great experiences while letting them reap the fun. We’ve gone on a lot of fun adventures, like researching geekiness at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle or the Gasperilla Pirate Invasion in Tampa. Plus, I’m giving them a cinematic education with films like Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther.

You can listen via iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play Music; you can also follow the RSS feed or listen below!

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Adam DiMuzio: Adam and his sons (Anthony and Zachary) host the Bodaciously Awesome Family Show. A podcast dedicated to helping maximize their kids experiences, and for kids to reap the fun. Right now they are likely playing a game, watching a movie or mindlessly arguing over which of us is more awesome.
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