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Game Reviewers Wanted

If you haven’t noticed, GeekDad has kept growing our tabletop coverage. In the past year, our total number of board game reviews has ticked past the 800 marker and we’ve consolidated them in our Tabletop Game Index. Additionally, Re-Roll, our weekly game news column, celebrated its first anniversary and we overhauled our Game of the Year process to make it more meaningful.

Simply put, we are keenly focused on cardboard content.

This year, we are looking to keep that momentum going; we are hoping to add new game reviewers to our staff. Do you have what it takes?

If you are passionate about tabletop gaming, let us know. Please send an email and let us know about your interest. Tell us about your favorite games and include a sample of your writing — bonus points for game reviews!

EDIT: Submission of applications is now complete. Thank you very much to those who emailed. We will be notifying everyone in the weeks to come. (There are a lot of applications to get through!)

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7 thoughts on “Do You Want to Review Tabletop Games? We Want to Talk to You

  1. I would 100% like to support with the reviewing of board games! Im 31, I have 2 children (2 and 4) and belong to a weekly board gaming group which we have had running for about 10 years now I believe, maybe a little longer. Also….its fair to say my board game collection is much larger than it probably should be!!

  2. Hello.

    I am very interested in this idea of contributing board game reviews to your website. I actually run a tabletop gaming cafe, and need an excuse to work my way through all the games on the wall.

    1. We are more interested in board games right now, but are very open to hearing about you and RPGs.

  3. Hey up – I sent an email on Sunday – did it get through or did the beast from the east stop it (i realise this is not very possible).

    1. We did get the email! It’s going to take us a while to sift through all the applications.

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