Bombshells United #12

Review – Bombshells United #12: Dealing With Loss

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Bombshells United #12 cover
Miri Marvel vs Black Adam, image via DC Comics

Bombshells United #12 – Marguerite Bennett, Writer; Sandy Jarrell, Artist; Kelly Fitzpatrick, Colorist


Ray – 9/10

Corrina: Near Masterpiece


Ray: What sets Bombshells apart from the other DC alternate universes currently running is the way it deftly tackles serious topics like racism, fascism, and the nature of grief while never losing sight of its mission to deliver an entertaining superhero story. Bombshells United #12,  the conclusion of the epic “War Bonds” story, brings to a close the tale of Black Adam and Isis in dramatic fashion. As it opens, Isis has rejected Adam’s attempt to resurrect her and have her rejoin him in his new role as commander of Spain. Filled with rage and grief, he attempts to coerce her, but she has other plans – along with Jason Todd and the mysterious heretic. In the chaos, they head hand in hand for the Lazarus Pit and re-enter it, putting an end to their resurrected half-life and heading back where they belong. There are some truly gorgeous scenes in this segment, from Jason’s final goodbye to an excellent spread depicting the classic “Red String” myth.

The second segment is all about who’s left in the aftermath. Black Adam, who is the focus of the opening few pages, finds – if not redemption – peace, when he realizes that Isis was right all along and he became a cruel bastardization of what he used to stand for. I’m not exactly sure how his story comes to an end, but it’s poetic and gorgeously drawn by Sandy Jarrell.

Miri Marvel, who only entered the story again a few pages again, has a great small role here, but the core of this issue is Kate, Renee, and Cheetah as they all find closure in their own way. Kate and Renee’s relationship, in particular, is left with a tone of ambiguity as Kate is left to choose which path she wants to follow. Bombshells has been great from the start, and the previous Wonder Woman-centric art dealing with Japanese internment was excellent, but this chapter may be its crowning moment.

Bombshells United #12 page 5
A sample of the gorgeous art in this issue. Image via DC Comics

Corrina: This is one of those issues that stick with you.

Superhero comics are all about the choices that make a person either a villain or a hero. Sometimes the motives are pure, such as Black Adam wanting to recreate his lost love, or Kate and Renee wanting to give their child a second chance at life.

But it’s the means that separate them, as Kate and Renee learn to let go of Jason, who knows that he was not meant to return. It gives the couple the closure that they never had before and it could lead to Cheetah’s eventual redemption, as she seeks forgiveness for what should be an unforgivable wrong.

As for Adam, it seems the end of his facist rule in Span, a victory for the Bombshells, but one wraught with the deepest and most intense of emotions. Where does Kate go from here, having faced and purged her worst failure? What choice will she make next?

I hope we’ll find out in the series ending arc.

Disclaimer: GeekDad received this comic for review purposes.

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