GBBP 166: Greg Pak

The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 166: Greg Pak

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Today, we’re talking giant robots (and other cool stuff) with Greg Pak! Pak is a prolific comic book writer and filmmaker who you might know from a bunch of different stuff, depending on where your interests lie. Most recently, Pak has been playing in a futuristic world of giant robots and kids suddenly thrust into unexpected situations with Mech Cadet Yu. (Volume One, which collects the first four issues, out from Boom! Studios now. Ongoing issues every month!)

He’s also got the brand-new Weapon H coming this spring from Marvel, which wonders what would happen if we combined Hulk and Wolverine DNA. In addition, Pak co-created the character of Amadeus Cho for Marvel’s Totally Awesome Hulk and The Incredible Hercules. He also wrote Kingsway West (Dark Horse); Planet Hulk, World War HulkWeapon X (Marvel); John Wick, Battlestar Galactica (Dynamite); and just so much more.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He collaborated with Jonathan Coulton on The Princess Who Saved Herself and Code Monkey Save World. He became a crowdfunding darling with those books and ABC Disgusting. He directed the feature film Robot Stories and several other shorts. And he’s just an all-around cool cat.

On this episode, we talk about his academic background in politics (he was a Rhodes Scholar!), his transition to graphic storytelling, Mech Cadet Yu, and Asian American representation.


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