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Brand New, Open-Ended LEGO Sets Celebrate the Brick’s 60th Anniversary!

Pieces from the Bricks on a Roll set. Image: LEGO

This month, celebrate the 60th anniversary of the original LEGO brick with new, open-ended LEGO sets! Combined with building ideas and prompts, these LEGO sets include plenty of basic and interesting pieces to create everything from an octopus to a sailing ship to a robot. Each set includes tons of colors of pieces. But the included ideas are only the beginning for kids (and adults!) whose imaginations run wild. The sets, from the pieces to the boxes to the instructions, encourage invention and creativity. The sets come in several affordable price points, and each one has building instructions aimed at different levels of builders.

Out now are five fun kits that are perfect for buying with holiday money or gift cards. One additional larger kit will be out in March. They run from $4.99 to $59.99, so there’s something for every budget.

LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Rainbow Fun

Images: LEGO

The LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Rainbow Fun set starts out the offerings at $4.99. It includes 85 pieces that can be built into a rainbow, a unicorn, small vehicles, and more. It also includes a special edition tile that celebrates the anniversary.

LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Fun Future

Images: LEGO

The LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Fun Future set costs $9.99. Its 186 pieces allow kids to build a robot, a bird, and a vehicle, any one of which could be singing into the LEGO microphone. The set also includes the special edition anniversary tile and a minifig with space helmet!

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LEGO Building Bigger Thinking World Fun

Images: LEGO

The LEGO Building Bigger Thinking World Fun set costs $19.99. It has 295 pieces that allow you to explore the world as you build. With pieces that can help create ancient columns for an undersea scene along with a helicopter, frog, or an ice cream sundae, this one is great for fueling imagination. Other special pieces include a ship’s wheel, map, camera, ice pop, snake, and the special edition anniversary tile. There are also two minifigs in this set.

LEGO Classic Limited Edition: Bricks on a Roll

Images: LEGO

The LEGO Classic Limited Edition: Bricks on a Roll is exclusive to Walmart (and will be available January 28th) and costs $29.99. If it’s on wheels, you can build it with this set. Cars, carts, a horse and buggy, skateboards, wheelchairs, ATVs, wagons, trailers, and more can be built from these 442 pieces that come in… what looks to me like at least 17 different colors. There are plenty of wheels, tires, and axles, along with interesting shapes, and even eyes. This set will be ideal for those fans of LEGO who like to make their creations go.

LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Ocean’s Bottom

Images: LEGO

The LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Ocean’s Bottom set costs $39.99. It has 579 pieces and caught my eye due to the ability to build a castle and a dragon. Oh, and an octopus. And a rocket car. And… Some of the special pieces in this set are a wizard’s hat, round shield, carrot, flippers, and a fish. This one also comes with two minifigs, and the special edition anniversary tile.

LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Mission to Mars

Images: LEGO

Coming out in March is the larger LEGO Building Bigger Thinking Mission to Mars set, which will cost $59.99. It has 871 pieces and the ability to build a spaceship akin to the Space Shuttle, as well as vehicles, creatures, a pirate ship, and a drum set! Its combination of pieces allows for a wide variety of creations, and it comes with three minifigs, along with the special edition anniversary tile. Some additional special pieces include a croissant, loaf of bread, camera, binoculars, swords, pirate hats, and a stick of dynamite.

All of these sets blow my 10 cents per brick requirement out of the water. Any of them would be perfect sets for starting your LEGO builds of 2018. Happy Anniversary, LEGO bricks!

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