Netflix’s ‘Glitch’ Season 2 Answered Questions… and Raised More!

Note: Below you’ll find a modified version of my earlier Glitch Season 1 post where I asked some questions and had some good discussion with readers in the comments. Now Season 2 is out… let’s talk about it.

While many of us wait for Season 3 of Stranger Things, Netflix has released Glitch Season 2. Glitch is an Australian production that offers up a slightly creepy and mysterious premise–a small town police officer discovers a small group of individuals have risen from the dead in the local cemetery. That’s all I’m going to tell you other than it’s not a show for everyone (especially kids)–strong language, sexual content, nudity, and violence. It’s not really a spoiler because it’s in the series description, but I will avoid any further discussion here and warn you away from reading any further. Here’s a link to the original Glitch Season 1 post and discussion. Below I’m going to share some of the questions I now have after finishing the six 1-hour Season 2 episodes.

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So… stop reading NOW if you wish to avoid any spoilers.

Seriously… don’t read any further unless you want more than a few surprises ruined.


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Okay, so if you’ve read this far I’m going to assume you’ve watched the full Season 1 and Season 2 episodes and are familiar with the character names and such. You probably have questions, and I’d love to hear them in the comments section below. And if you have answers to any of my questions, please share! I may very well have missed something!

1. Season 2 starts with a flashback of Dr. Elishia reviving at the morgue and then heading to her house to grab a few things (but not her medical notes). She’s got enough memories back to find her way home, but she doesn’t remember the notebook? Also, the question of how Elishia came back is now front and center. How did she manage that? Did she dose herself with the chemicals? She said she died of a stroke, which is likely not something she could predict, right? So if the sound tech is required to revive, who did it? Or does Elishia not require it for some reason?

2. Beau’s step-dad Phil revives after an explosion on an oil rig, and he comes back as one of the “hunter”-types going after the original revived. So it appears that the “hunter” can revive anywhere, not just in Yoorana. They’re not affected by the boundary, apparently. This means their return is NOT from Dr. Elishia’s methods. Later in the season, we learn from Phil that he’s returned with a task (to kill the Returned), so apparently it’s okay for THEM to return to life, but not the ones from Elishia’s experiments. It’s not apparent whether or not these “hunters” can kill non-Returned. Phil seems to have knocked out the Noregard staff and I can’t recall him or Sarah killing anyone other than a Returned, right?

3. Speaking of Noregard. I completely missed it for the first season, but I like the play on words. No Regard. (For life?)

4. John (William) finds out he’s not a murderer. He’s an ex-officer, and we see him in one episode having died (drowned). And then he returns to life. He and Elishia have this link, and apparently they do not require the science/tech to come back to life. He thought he was a murderer because he knew he was hanged for it, but another memory in Season 2 shows him that he just stumbled upon the murders and must have been lumped in with the real murderers. What wasn’t answered (or was it?) was where he came from–a ship is seen in the harbor and a small sloop is on fire just off shore with bodies everywhere. What was that about?

5. Dr. Nicola Heysen is an odd character. You know you can’t trust her, but she really hasn’t done anything too horrible yet. She cut off William’s fingers to test a theory, but they did grow back as she expected. She did lock Charlie, Kirstie, and Kate in the lab, but maybe that was for their own protection? Of course, her assistant tells Kate that the three are “valuable,” so maybe she still intends more experiments. And then, at the end of Season 2, we see her talking to a revived Phil (???) as she drives him back to the lab. How did he revive? If he died and came back, why didn’t Vic from Season 1? Why didn’t Sarah come back? (Or maybe she will?)

6. We did find out more about Charlie and Kirstie’s backstories… but I didn’t get anything there that didn’t further the main plot, only their sub-plots. A nice twist to find policeman Chris has a brother with the arm tattoo. Chris hopefully gave Kirstie some closure at the end with his wanting to reopen the case, but will he? And is Kirstie done with going after Chris’ brother for revenge? And Charlie seems to have finished his self-discovery. He knows how he died, but is there anything else we need to know about Charlie?

7. Poor Paddy. I hated to see him killed, but such a great character and he did his family right in the end. One question I do have about him, though: James figures out that each of the Returned came back because when Elishia was doing her experiment; these Returned were the ones that were being remembered at that exact moment. James – Kate. Chris – Kirstie. Beau – Paddy. Elishia – John. Do we need to know who was thinking about Maria, Carlo, and Charlie? Will that be important to the story? (Also interesting that Beau was thinking about his dead father, but his thoughts revived Paddy, his ancestor. Related, definitely, so is the thought-thing limited to Yoorana or have a radius AND does it pick the closest dead person it can who’s within the range? If I were thinking about my deceased 3rd grade teacher buried in another city, would a teacher have been revived in Yoorana?

8. At the end of Season 1, John blows the whistle and ALL of the surviving Returned have this moment where their eyes widen and they’re reliving a memory. If the whistle can do that, why go through all the trouble of creating the sound effect with salt? Dr. Heysen clearly had William’s whistle the first time she brought him to the lab, and Elishia went back to retrieve the whistle from John’s unmarked grave. Clearly the whistle has some sort of power, so why didn’t Heysen figure that out? And was it John/William blowing the whistle at the end that will revive Elishia or is it the whistle PLUS the tech/chemicals? You can see the outline of the symbol in the dirt around Elishia’s grave right before the last episode fades out, so are we to take that as Elishia is coming back? (I hope so.)

9. Elishia hints to William that they have this history. Why not just tell him? She dances around it and never really answers his questions and then she gets killed. Nice job. Why didn’t she just tell him everything?

10. What are we supposed to take from William’s fingers growing back? Does this mean they can’t be killed unless they go outside the boundary? Paddy died, but might he have revived if James and Beau hadn’t driven beyond the boundary? Or can they just heal fast and regrow limbs? We saw Phil’s face healing quick, but why didn’t Vick’s head wound heal? Kirstie’s leg healed, and Charlie survived a bullet wound, but we really don’t know if the special healing ability works for anyone other than John/William and the hunters. Or did I miss something?

11. What was that thing about the mouth-to-mouth transfer of knowledge? And Phil can get that close to Kate and doesn’t kill her? He gets the info about Elishia from her, but then leaves her and the other sleeping Returned there unharmed? Odd. And Sarah apparently has forgotten her tasks and requires Phil to do the mouth-to-mouth to strengthen her resolve to kill? And Sarah was definitely on board with the hunter thing–she had Charlie in her sights, but the phone call distracted her. Otherwise, Charlie would have been shot. She didn’t hesitate with Paddy. Is it Nia that keeps her from shooting Kate? And what was with that brief flash of stars and Nia as Sarah dies? Was it just a “thinking of my daughter as I die” moment? It felt out of place.

12. Why is the boundary shown in the shape of the hexagon/Benzene molecule? Is it because they only tested six locations? Probably.

13. Everyone’s happy at the end because the boundary is back up, but how long will it last? No one seems to wonder if it will shrink again. They all let Dr. Heysen drive away a bit too easily. Yeah, she threatens to make it all public, but that wouldn’t work for Noregard and I would have called her bluff on that. Hopefully James is suspicious enough, but then again… he’s taking Nia out of Yoorana. Kate and Owen are a thing, so I can’t think of a reason for James to come back. Well, I can… Sarah… Vick… lots of reasons he might need to get back to Yoorana.

14. Speaking of Owen. He makes that phone call after Kate spills the beans. Is he calling someone because he wants to use the chemicals/tech to revive the college student he killed and went to jail for? Is he calling someone to try and profit on the discovery?

15. One theory had it that all the Returned were linked because they were all murder victims, but Kate wasn’t killed by Sarah and Charlie killed himself. Maria died in a car wreck (unintentional). So this theory goes away and is replaced by the one about someone thinking about someone buried in the Yoorana cemetery at the time of the experiment. So… season 2 closes with John/William in the cemetery and he blows the whistle and is (probably) thinking about Elishia. Is James thinking about Sarah as he drives out of town? Who else buried in that cemetery might revive in Season 3 because someone was thinking about them when the whistle is blown?

Lots of questions answered… lots of new ones. I sincerely hope that Glitch gets a 3rd season, and it does seem to be a very popular show in Australia right now, so hopefully local ratings combined with Netflix stats can get us six more episodes. If you’ve watched the episodes and enjoyed them, do recommend them. The more attention this great little show gets, the better. Remember to tell your friends that each season is ONLY a short six episodes. Easy to catch up!

All right… let’s hear your thoughts on Glitch Season 1 and 2. Do you have any questions? Did you see something that everyone else missed? Do you have some theories? Let’s go…

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