We Are Entertained: ‘Murder on the Orient Express’

We really missed Richard this week. Why does he have to spend so much time actually making movies instead of sitting around talking about them?! Join us as we dive into the latest adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express and struggle mightily to pronounce the name of the miraculously mustachioed hero Hercule Poirot. Also, apparently, Chris doesn’t know who Kenneth Branagh is? Strange.

Chris kicks things off on this week’s show by talking about another awesome audiobook from Audible. It’s called Artemis and it’s the newest offering by Andy Weir of The Martian fame. Not only is Artemis a fantastic read by a fantastic writer but it’s voiced in an absolutely masterful performance by Rosario Dawson. If you’re at all on the fence about listening to this book after listening to the show this week, check out GeekDad Jaime’s piece, “Please, Let Rosario Dawson Read Artemis to You.” You can also read a great review of the book in GeekDad James’ piece, “Andy Weir Returns to Tech-Fiction with Artemis.” If it’s not immediately obvious, the GeekDads loved this book.

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Matt finally gives in to the irresistible pressure of Netflix’s Stranger Things season 2. (Is that Strangerer Things?) It’s interesting–almost everyone we know dove in and binged it the day it was released, but these two knuckleheads have been putting it off. Why, you might ask? Listen to the show. We might answer.

Finally, the boys talk about their relationship with Agatha Christie (spoiler alert, one of them doesn’t really have one) and what they were expecting from Murder on the Orient Express. I think it’s safe to say that they were both surprised when they walked out of the theater. Whatever you thought of the film, I think everyone can agree on at least one thing; Kenneth Branagh’s mustache is a thing of epic beauty.

Stay tuned next week for Justice League!

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