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It’s fun when both a parent and child are fans of the same thing. For example, my son has recently discovered Voltron. I was a huge fan of the toys, back in the day. So fast forward to an e-mail from Playmates Toys and guess what happened?

I love how excited he looks – it matches how excited I was. As a a kid, I had the Black, Blue, and Yellow Lions, but never was able to find Red or Green. Having all of them filled me with this wonderful feeling. But enough about my emotions. Let’s talk product.

The Deluxe Lions look like they stepped out Netflix and into your arms. On Legendary Defender, each lion moves differently and has a distinct “character.” This translates through to the toys as well. Take Red and Green. Each Lion has a completely different muzzle. It looks great. Back in the day, the “faces” were identical. This is so much better.

The Lions come with multiple accessories. I love the blade that comes with Red and that it combines with the one from Green to make the Blazing Sword. My son loved Yellow’s disk blaster. Although the best accessory is the tiny Voltron Paladin figure/speeder that each Lion comes with. You can store them inside the Lions so as to not lose them, and they give a fantastic sense of scale.

The Black Lion comes with electronic sounds and it reacts differently as each limb is added. More importantly? It comes with an off-switch. Bless you, toy designer who decided to do that. Lights and sounds are cool, but only for so long

I decided to have something of an experiment and see if my son (newly 7) could construct Voltron without any assistance. He actually got the legs done with little effort… but the arms were hard. In fact, when I tried to insert them, I had to exert so much force that I was worried I would break something. Considering how expensive this set is, that’s a big risk. Still, with a little help, my son did construct Voltron.

That’s his proud face.

This is very much a Deluxe toy, and it’s priced as such. Right now the full assortment is $114.99 on Amazon (note: that’s an Affiliate Link). That’s off of $199 – and they’re down to three in stock. You can, of course, relive my childhood and spend multiple trips to the toy store to hunt them down. You’ll probably have better luck than I did – my neighborhood toy store was terrible. The guy would remove accessories and sell them as separate items from the counter. Sorry, still dealing with the trauma.

But look how good they all look together.

So happy togethhhherrrr.

There are other sets of Voltron Lions and other Voltrons. There’s even a super cool die cast metal one (the original Lions used DCM). They all have pluses and minuses. Most are cheaper. But this is the a deluxe assortment worthy of the word “deluxe”. With the holidays coming up, this is a great gift for a kid of any age.

Go Voltron Force!

Note: Playmates sent me the Voltron Deluxe Lion Assortment. Thus causing me to achieve my childhood dream. You rock, Playmates.

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  1. I bought this for my son and it has held up great. The only disappointment we both have is that the wings on the black lion do not form a shield which is used a lot in the Netflix remake.

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