Laser X Blasters, loaded and ready to play.

Laser X Takes on Holiday Family Time

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Laser X Blasters, loaded and ready to play.
Laser X Blasters, loaded and ready to play.
Image Credit: The Architechnologist

There are many activities that are tradition when families gather during the holiday season: touch football and board games for example. This year we added a blast to our pre-feast fun with family-wide game of tag and an armory of Laser X blasters and the new Gaming Tower. Our teams had an entire floor of the grandparents’ house with the tower set in the middle for a game of Capture the Flag without being out in the cold. (Disclaimer: We were provided samples of Laser X for this review; all opinions are my own.)

Each player wears a receiver vest with a connected blaster — sensors in the vest know when players are blasting, being hit, running or hiding and an interactive voice coach offers tips and tricks throughout the game. Blasters give players ten shots before needing a quick flick to reload. Every time you get hit, the indicator on your receiver vest changes from green to red, eight hits and you’re out and for each minute you are not hit, you regain one.

Pro Tip #1: We quickly learned that the shots from blasters can bounce off walls and mirrors to hit opponents.

It’s a gaming experience never before seen in this type of product, all of these components come together to make you really feel like you’re inside a video game.”
— Brian Waldman, Senior Vice President of NSI and creator of Laser X

The game took a decided turn when my secret weapon was revealed, I had been saving the Laser X Long-Range Blaster for my attack. The new blaster features a 25-shot rapid fire clip, extended accuracy (up to 400 feet!) and super-fast reload. It is literally like bringing a machine gun to a pistol duel.

It's a Laser X Thanksgiving.
It’s a Laser X Thanksgiving.
Image Credit: The Architechnologist

The kids took over before dessert with some of the games that are built-in on the Gaming Tower, including head-to-head target practice… the adults even got a few minutes to themselves.

Pro Tip #2: Tower trick shots let a single player clear a whole room, even around corners.

Laser X is available in two-player starter sets for $49.99 or single-player sets for $24.99. The Long-Range Blaster and Gaming Tower are available for $39.99 each. All are available at retailers nationwide and also at

All sets work together, so players can play one-on-one, in teams or go “rogue” and take on everyone.

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