3 Gorgeous Graphic Novels to Give (Yourself!) This Holiday Season

The holiday season usually means the same thing every year: searching for just the right gift to make your loved ones squeal with delight on a cozy morning together celebrating. But there’s one more person you should keep in mind every holiday. You deserve to treat yourself sometimes, too! And with most stores in the middle of their November sales, there’s no better time than right now.

These three graphic novels, all released in 2017, are just as cozy as that morning opening presents together. Pick up one of these graphic novels for someone who could use a hug, especially yourself.

Cucumber Quest

This isn’t your everyday hero takes on the big bad story. Cucumber Quest is the tale of Cucumber, a boy who just wants to study magic, and his tough little sister Almond. When fate—well, actually his mean ol’ dad—sets the unwilling Cucumber on an epic quest, his sister follows along. She’s always wanted to be the knight in shining armor and now’s her chance.

Together they’ll make new friends, encounter new enemies, and travel the world of Dreamside in their mission to stop the Nightmare Knight.

The characters are simply adorable, and the bright colors practically make every page sparkle. Add in just the right amount of humor and personality, and you’ve got the start of a perfect all-ages series.

(First Second Books, Gigi D.G.)

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If you love a good, dreamy romance, Taproot is the graphic novel for you. This is the modern-day story of Hamal, a gardener who’s been able to see ghosts his entire life. His closest friend is Blue, who just happens to be a ghost… and completely in love with Hamal. When Hamal’s ability puts him in danger, Blue has to make a tough choice to save him or risk losing him forever.

This young adult graphic novel is soothing and sweet, and near the end takes an unexpected turn that’s just begging for a sequel.

(Lion Forge, Keezy Young)

The Tea Dragon Society

An all-ages graphic novel as warm and cozy as your favorite cup of tea, The Tea Dragon Society is the story of Greta. She’s a blacksmith in training, learning the trade from her skilled mother, but one day she comes across a scared creature in the market. It’s a tea dragon, and she returns her to her owner and begins to learn about the mysterious (and adorable) craft of creating tea from the leaves of the tea dragon’s horns.

“Sweet” doesn’t even begin to describe this comforting tale. It takes place in a fantasy world, with a tiny bit of swinging swords and slaying monsters, along with warm, earthy tones and heartfelt emotions.

(Oni Press, Katie O’Neill)

Featured Image: The Tea Dragon Society, Oni Press

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