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Back in August, I had heard about the new hoverboards coming out by a new-to-market company, Mozzie.

And now I have spent a few weeks with my Mozzie Hoverboard and feel that I can give a pretty decent review. I wanted to make sure that there were no charging hazards that came to light after the initial launch and I wanted to test it multiple times.

You can’t talk about hoverboards without talking about fire hazards. As a former home fire survivor, I was a bit nervous about getting a hoverboard. It was their “spontaneous combustion” that took them off the market last year. These, of course, happened when the hoverboards were charging and the batteries in them caught fire.

The Mozzie uses lithium phosphate batteries, which have been proven to be more stable than the regular lithium-ion batteries used in other makers’ hoverboards. It has a charge time of about two hours – so I usually unplug immediately after that amount time to be safe. However, in times when I have let it go longer, I have not noticed any heat build up. The included charger kicks off, I believe, after detecting a full charge – at least, that is what the status lights are telling me.

Enough about battery safety. This thing is tons of fun to ride!

It drives and feels like a handle-less Segway. The minute you turn it on, it self-levels and locks into position until you have both feet in place to drive. The Mozzie board does not feel like a toy. It is substantial in every sense of the word and physically heavy. There is a reason it has handles built into it. Weighing in at 26 pounds, you are not tossing this thing around.

As well as being heavy and solid feeling, it has a unibody construction and, besides the wheels, no moving parts. It does not rattle or grind when moving – it is silent; unless you turn on the Bluetooth speakers for some tunes while you ride. Speaking of the speakers, the head and tail lights on the Mozzie board put on a light show when the music plays, which is awesome! When the music is not playing, it is white light in the front and red light in the back, like an automobile. When the music is on, however, the Mozzie app gives you the ability to customize an entertaining experience.

The Mozzie app is a huge bonus when using the hoverboard. After being connected, it allows for full customization. As you can see in the video, I have let my daughter use my board, however, I have modified the controls for her – including lowering the maximum speed and setting the sensitivity and balance to high. This gives her, with her light frame and low weight, better control over the board and keeps her from hitting the walls and furniture at excessive speeds. When I am riding it, I set everything to the opposite – high speed and low sensitivity. With that, I can ride outside and not be affected by cracks in the pavement.

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Final verdict
While it may not be as healthy for a person, like a bicycle or a skateboard, the Mozzie hoverboard is pure fun. Mozzie has built a quality product that is built to withstand hours and miles of use on a single charge. It is built to be a safe product and after a brief learning experience, can be used by old and young alike for tons of enjoyment.

For more information or to find a Mozzie Hoverboard for yourself, click here.

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Tony Sims: GeekDad in Texas

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  • I definitely like the Mozzie board a lot if you're getting a board for kids because one of the things you mentioned - the ability to customize it with the app for different users. Being able to alter the max speed is HUGE when you want to let little ones use it. It makes it so much easier (and safer) for them.

  • Mozzie Hoverboards are good, i must say and i just started to like them after reading and checking out them here. A good post you have covered here. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mozzie Hoverboards are really good but the best features that I have found is the app that lets you control stability, agility and balancing. This makes it easy to get started even if you’ve never ridden a Hoverboard before and then adjust up the speed and agility as you get a feel for the device.

  • My wife purchased a Mozzie Hoverboard about two years ago (present for the grandchild) after the airport refused to allow it on the plane, it was in storage. The battery fails to turn the unit on. I have been asked to change the battery but after removing the 32 screws, I failed to remove the top and bottom covers. Any helpful suggestions? I've contacted the company read the owners manual, which does not explain how to remove the battery.
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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