Comic Book Corner: 4 Comics We Read in August & September 2017

Comic Book Corner, Image: Sophie Brown

In this month’s Comic Book Corner, Sophie visits the galaxy far, far away, while Mariana goes back to the 1950s with Hellboy before checking in with some plants and zombies.

We hope you find something to enjoy reading.

Star Wars Adventures #1 and #2

Star Wars Adventures #1 and #2, Images: IDW

Writers: Cavan Scott
Artist: Derek Charm
Publisher: IDW
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Sophie has been loving the new Star Wars Adventures series from IDW. The series is aimed at younger audiences than many of the Star Wars comics in the new canon and is intended to be accessible to all ages. Each issue includes a main story involving a popular character from the franchise, with shorter backup stories as well. It was noted by IDW’s chief creative officer that some of these backup stories may “not be entirely canon.”

The lead story across issues one and two focuses on Rey during her years on Jakku. When Unkar Plutt is kidnapped by thugs attempting to locate a droid that passed through his junkyard, only Rey is willing to attempt a rescue mission. Sophie loved how capable Rey came across throughout the story, and was pleased to note that even her eight-year-old reluctant reader became engrossed when she passed him the book.

However, it was the backup stories that really caught Sophie’s eye when she noticed that the storyteller for this ongoing section was Emil Graf. If that surname sounds familiar, then perhaps you too have been working through the Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space junior novel series. Emil is the grandson of Milo Graf, one of the two protagonists in the book series, and the Star Wars Adventures comics show him continuing his family’s tradition of charting Wild Space with the family droid CR-8R. The first of these short backup stories told by Emil features Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars, and the second focuses on rebel pilot Evaan Verlaine during the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Yavin.

So far, Sophie is loving this different take on the Star Wars galaxy and she is excited for the next issue to come out in a few weeks time.

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Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1955–Occult Intelligence #1

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1955, Occult Intelligence #1, Image: Dark Horse

Writers: Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson
Artist: Brian Churilla
Publisher: Dark Horse
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Mariana just realized she is late to this party that started way back in 1952 when young Hellboy joined the BPRD in Brazil for his very first mission. Each series is featured by year, each story-arc opening and closing within it: 1953 brings Hellboy to England, where he meets the very famous and horrific Rawhead Rex and Bloody Bones. In 1954 there is a Cold War in full force, and a mystery to be resolved involving yetis in the Arctic and American suburbs… which one would you think is the scariest?

A more seasoned and leaner version of himself, Hellboy now faces a supernatural foe in a remote island in the North Pacific, where the Cold War manifests itself by testing weird weapons. After dropping a number of A-bombs on the Pacific Ocean, something new comes next: a type of weapon that will only be controlled by the BPRD.

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 6: Boom Boom Mushroom

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 6: Boom Boom Mushroom, Image: Dark Horse

Writer: Paul Tobin
Artists: Jacob Chabot, Cat Farris, Matthew J. Rainwater, Rachel Downing, Jeremy Vanhoozer
Publisher: Dark Horse
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Mariana and her two kids enjoyed this book immensely, not only because of the wacky style and seriously amusing drawings but by the personality of Zomboss himself, one of the best useless villains of the decade.

Zomboss has a secret plan for “Raising a Zombie Army Underground and Then Swallowing the Entire City of Neighborville Whole!” The only answer to this evil scheme is a rare Boom Boom Mushroom–really cute to see, even when it is exploding. There are strange new animal friends, plants that are fearless to walk underground, and all sort of weird and funny details in store for those who delve within the caves (a fountain of lost socks, seriously?!).

This collection includes the main “Boom Boom Mushroom” story arc, along with all bonus stories from Plants vs. Zombies comics #10-#12. Dark Horse presents a three HC volume box set and the following two volumes will be read and commented by Mariana in the next Comic Book Corner.

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