SoundMoovz motion-activated device plays music and special effect sounds.

SoundMoovz Wearables Dance to a Different Beat

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SoundMoovz motion-activated device plays music and special effect sounds.

Wearable tech captures data about the individual user and then present it back in a way that is useful – fitness trackers count steps and monitor heartrate, the new SoundMoovz wristbands interpret that directive in a different way. SoundMoovz devices include play a sound with each movement, creating music or synchronized sound effects with every shake.

The bands pair with a smart device with Bluetooth and the companion application allows users to assign a sound to each band. The app has 40 different music, instrument and robot sounds preinstalled and more than 400 additional sounds are available for free (including karate and more). Setting the sound to a SoundMoovz band is simple and the application allows for different sets to be saved, allowing users to quickly switch between “orchestras”. There is also the “backing track function” that allows users to move to their choice of music from their device and add the sounds from the SoundMoovz as they dance along.

Up to seven SoundMoovz bands can be paired to a single application, each with their own sound – this could let a whole group perform together or give one user super sound-effect power. To make the experience even better, users can attach a speaker to their device and boost the volume of the SoundMoovz – a wired connection is recommended to minimize the delay between movement and sound.

We were sent a set of SoundMoovz bands to try for ourselves and brought them home to the family for real-world trials. After a bit of experimenting with different sound pairs and adjusting the sensitivity everyone who tried them quickly created their own music. Some of the more talented users choreographed their own dance with music created by movement and others added mechanical sound effects to their own robot battle.

SoundMoovz are available now, both in stores and online. Click here (direct link) to purchase in the US or find your local online carrier by visiting the SoundMoovz website (direct link).

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