Geek Daily Deals 080317 laptop table under armour

Geek Daily Deals for August 3, 2017: Adjustable Laptop Table; Under Armour Packs and Shoes

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Geek Daily Deals 080317 laptop table under armour


Geek Daily Deals:

Avantree Adjustable Laptop Table:

It seems like every generation accuses the next generation of being lazy, worthless, unmotivated, and so unwilling to put in a hard day’s work that the whole country is going to go down the drain. If that’s so true, then I’m not really clear why so many people are carrying around the technology that lets them stay connected to their jobs all the time, day or night, and they can dash off an email, report, spreadsheet, or presentation with the ultra-thin laptop in their back pocket without needing anything silly like an actual office. I’m thinking it’s just that what work looks like has changed. The tools and connectivity allowed by our technology means we’re not tied down to a specific work place where those tools are kept. We carry the tools around with us. So how we work becomes less formal, but we get more work done. All of which leads me to this handy adjustable laptop table that will allow you do work just the way you want to work whether it’s standing at a regular desk, sitting on the sofa, in bed, or pretty much anywhere else you want to set up and get a few things done. It folds up for easy portability, but can be adjusted to make just about any environment a decent workspace (or maybe gaming space?). And it’s on sale today for just $30!

Backpacks, Shoes, and Clothes from Under Armour:

Once more unto the “it’s back-to-school season” commentary: need new stuff for the kids, or the parents, for the new year? Check out all the backpacks, sneakers, shorts, shirts, and more, from Steph Curry’s favorite underdog clothing company, Under Armour (yes, I live in the Bay Area, so that’s a good thing). There’s a big sale on all things UA, so check out the deals.

Though, I do have to point out that someone made a little error in the Amazon database:

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