Geek Daily Deals 072317 thermal laminator super hero slap bracelets

Geek Daily Deals for July 23, 2017: Get a Thermal Laminator for $18; Kids’ Superhero Slap Bracelets for $7

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Geek Daily Deals 072317 thermal laminator super hero slap bracelets


Geek Daily Deals:

Amazon Basics Thermal Laminator:

Amazon Basics products are the cool 21st century versions of the inexpensive generic items our parents used to buy at the supermarket. Amazon just gets simple products that people use a lot of, slaps their own brand on them with a hair’s breadth of mark-up, doesn’t do any marketing for them, and sells them to us cheap. Case-in-point is this thermal laminator (that’s the kind that uses a bit of heat to seal the plastic pocket). What used to be a specialty tool in offices is now something handy for any home office, both for the parents and the kids. We laminate our insurance cards to keep them safe in the glove box, and laminating pages in written reports helps up the quality. And today, this very basic but very handy laminator is on sale for just $18!

Kids’ Superhero Slap Bracelets:

Every kid wants to be a superhero, slap bracelets are a huge thing, and superhero-themed parties are all the rage these days, so here’s a perfect party treat, or little bit of summer fun for your kids. These superhero slap bracelets feature a great selection of DC hero sigils, including Superman and Super Girl, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, and more. And at this price, you can afford to get a few packs so kids can wear multiples, trade them around, or whatever. There are nine slap bracelets in each set, and they’re on sale today for just $7 per set!


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