Review: Seagate Duet Is One Drive Designed to Be Forgotten

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Source: Seagate.

It’s taken me months to write this review, and that’s not because I was bored. It’s because the Seagate Duet is a great blend of hard drive storage and Amazon Cloud storage. So every time I left it at home (and it was quite a bit), I was able to use my data via Amazon Cloud.

Setup was quick and easy on my Macbook Air (and yes, it works on Windows too). The only thing I would roll my eyes at, normally, is that Amazon Storage is a bit much, and the $99 base price of the Duet is high. Except right now you get one year of 1 TB Amazon Cloud storage for free when you buy a Duet.

Is the Duet right for you? If you already have Amazon Storage or plan on budgeting for it, it’s worth the extra price. Especially if you’re a forgetful person.

Note: Seagate provided a Duet for review purposes. It’s somewhere around here…


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